Niche Marketing Success - Be A Big Fish In A Little Pond!

Niche Marketing Success - Be A Big Fish In A Little Pond!

Niche marketing in a nutshell is setting ourselves up to be the Big Fish in a Little Pond. As business owners, we need to take the time to plan how we will assume the role of expert and problem solver for our niche market.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"
~ Benjamin Franklin

With all the talk about niche marketing, it seems that we could all sit and spin our wheels everyday without making much progress. When progress equals money then it's time to start planning our success. No matter how great our product or service is, if we have the wrong concept and wrong marketing strategies then very little will work Right!

Sharing your expertise is the most effective way to become the Big Fish in a Little Pond. Stepping up into the internet marketing area can make us feel very small - more like a minnow tossed about in the ocean but with careful planning and solid vision, we can transform ourselves into a leader that others come to for solutions to their problems.

Your niche marketing plan needs to include your strategies for assuming the role of expert and leader within your niche. If you don't "feel" ready to assume that role then start training your mind and attitude to become the expert within your chosen business.

Before you can assume the role of leader, you need to know yourself - your talents and gifts in this area. Write down your strengths and outline the steps you will take to display what you offer your target market. If you are a gifted organizer, you can write develop a blog, write an ebook, start a newsletter or create a content rich website helping others become more organized. These strategies translate easily into any niche. Locally, in your home town, you can begin to hold private one to one classes or pull together group seminars to share your expertise with others.

Now, I know that one of the next questions will be "how does this make money?" There are many ways to monetize (make money) with this niche marketing strategy.

Through articles and blogging, get your followers to visit your direct sales web site. Offer your ebook free to visitors and offer it to other web site owners as a freebie they can offer to their own visitors. Use links to your website and online store within the ebook to generate sales. Organize online seminars and chats where you can present your solutions and products that will make their lives easier. Even by adding Google AdSense to your blog and content rich website will help you earn with the traffic if you do not actually "sell" a tangible product.

Aspiring to be the Big Fish in a Little Pond will give you the focus and motivation to work your way to the top of your niche market. Don't lose sight of the fact that you are striving to be seen by others as THE person to find for answers and solutions.

When it comes to online marketing for our business, we can get the proverbial "cart before the horse" when we start advertising and marketing our business because we are in a rush to see results. We start advertising everywhere and anywhere. We quickly throw together an ad and hit send only to become discouraged when the end result is little traffic and even less SALES. We fault the system or our choice of business when actually we didn't take the time to plan our success.

Our success lies within our ability to present ourselves as THE source for answers and solutions. Plan your success within your niche market with your own strategies to get yourself to the role of leader - a mover and shaker within your niche. Once you have achieved that role of expert, SUCCESS is sure to follow!

Niche Marketing Success - Be A Big Fish In A Little Pond!

Niche Marketing Success - Be A Big Fish In A Little Pond!

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