Can I Afford A Home Theater System?

Can I Afford A Home Theater System?

A lot of us view a home theater system as being something for only the people with lots of money. We see the fun times at the theater, with tiered seating, plush chairs, curtains over the screen and popcorn, hot dogs and drinks in the lobby.

It's true that only those with plenty of cash (and space) can build their own version of the downtown theater in their home, but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer with a either going downtown to the theater or making do with the little television in the corner.

Home theater was once exclusively available only to the affluent is now readily available for almost anyone who wants to experience the thrills of the latest movie in the comfort of their own home.

When a person thinks about a home theater, a lot of different ideas might pass through their minds. The fun of watching great flicks at home, the rumble of perfect bass, breathtaking visuals and fun with family and friends.

The one thing that usually doesn't cross the mind is the idea of saving their hard earned money. Home theaters, after all, can be a very high-priced proposal. When a person contemplates the reality that they are an unnecessary luxury in the home, the outlay seems to be even more awry.

A closer look shows that a home theater system can save a person a large amount of money. It may not always recover its full price tag in savings, but a look at the savings show that a home theater is anything but a extravagant investment.

Did you know that a good quality home theater system can now be had for well under a thousand dollars? If we already have a large enough television, it will cost even less!

You may have to make your popcorn in the microwave, get your cold drink out of the fridge and settle for your favorite recliner chair instead of an uncomfortable cinema seat. You won't have to put up with the chatting or cell phones of you fellow theater goers, but you can have all the fun and excitement of the home theater experience even if you are not yet one of the income earners.

Home theater isn't just for the rich and famous, it's easily within reach for almost anyone!

Consider the price of gas to get to a movie theater. Then consider the price per ticket of each movie. Add to that the probable expenses incurred by purchasing popcorn and soda, or if you are in one of the lucky areas, a cold beer. Tack on the extra cost of some candy to munch on in the movie too.

Now, consider the time you spend going to and returning from the movie and how much you value it. Take that number and multiply it by the number of movies you usually like to see in a year. That is a pretty startling amount isn't it!

The one time purchase of a home theater system will eliminate most of those expenses. It may also require that you to buy a better quality television or stereo equipment than what you currently have. These better quality products will last longer; not requiring expensive replacement soon will be another area of savings.

The purchase of a home theater system will not only save you money over the long run, but you will be able to watch those favorite movies with theater quality right from the comfort of your own home.

No more going out into blustery weather or blistering heat just to go to the theater.

Can I Afford A Home Theater System?

Can I Afford A Home Theater System?

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