How Do I Finalize Budget For My Bedroom Design Project?

How Do I Finalize Budget For My Bedroom Design Project?

Budget is one of the important factors in design and decorating
interior spaces. Professional designers are trained to design
various elements of the space in a way that would be most
economical without sacrificing the beauty of their design.

This balancing act between money end and the aesthetic end is
a difficult task. But before even chalking out a budget plan
there are certain things that need to be considered here.

When it comes to finalizing budget, some people depend entirely
on the designer. Since the cost of the entire project directly
depends upon the finishes and materials used, they think that
the designer will take care of all the economic aspects till
the execution. But in practical life this may not happen.

If you are not quite sure about what you really want out of the
decorating project, I mean the real purpose of this whole decoration
project, you might end up spending a lot more that what you
can actually afford to.

The reason I am talking this way is, many people unconsciously
believe that "expensive design is a good design solution". Which is
not always true. Of course expensive design will look good and
impressive, but need not be beautiful. This is especially true with
personal spaces such as a bedroom.

That's why it is first necessary for you to understand from within,
why do you want to decorate or redecorate your bedroom. You can
ask yourself questions like these....

1)Do I want more comfort in my room?

2)Do I want to feel good amongst other fellow colleagues in my office?

3)Do I want to spend some money on decorating because I have never done it before?

4)Is there any special purpose for such decorating work, for example your wedding or Christmas holidays?

5)Any other you can think of....

Now let's try to answer any one question from the above list.
Let's say I select the first question and answer it as "yes, I need
more comfort in my bedroom."

Now if I want more comfort in my room I can easily chalk out a list
of points that causing my room to be uncomfortable at this present
moment. If altering only a few amongst them will make my room more
bright and cheerful, I won't go in for a full and heavy decorating
project with loads of work and money being spent.

Writing down out those defective areas and doing a little market
research on the web or local stores/yellow pages can fairly give
an idea of the pricing and budget requirements.

So the most important is "purpose" of your decorating project. If the
purpose of your decorating project changes, you will have to face
a different set of problems. For example if you want to decorate your
bedroom because it's your marriage, then probably you will have to
add or alter certain amenities because then you will be sharing the
room with your husband/wife.

In such a case you might go in for a full design and remodeling
project, where your would be life partner will also participate in
finalizing various aspects of design such as color schemes, finishes,
and also the budget.

This was just a small snippet of what and how you can easily control
the budget in a decorating project. I will try t throw some more
light on budget issues in my future articles.

Till then, happy reading....

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

How Do I Finalize Budget For My Bedroom Design Project?

How Do I Finalize Budget For My Bedroom Design Project?

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