Now That's Poultry In Motion - A Couple Of Chicks Provide Measurement For The

Now That's Poultry In Motion - A Couple Of Chicks Provide Measurement For The "Long Tail"

Have you ever wanted a solution to a problem, and even though you feel like you have been asking over and over for feels like no one is listening to you? Then one day there it is! Someone has a simple, easy to understand answer that provides you with the perfect solution to your dilemma!

Ironically on the day "A Couple of Chicks E-Distribution Marketing" officially launched our New Web Analytic Tool , I woke up to read a brilliant article The Long Tail and Analytics written by Rob Sullivan. He addressed the burning issue that all SEM firms have.... "As a search engine marketer we need to not only focus on those high traffic more generic words, but also put some effort towards lower traffic, but more than likely higher converting keywords."

He continues to say, "...the bottom 20% of searches also generate 60% of the sales. In other words, those terms which are more focused and specific are more likely to convert." Rob is right; so many times the less "popular" words are the ones producing the highest ROI. However until today there has not been an adequate tool to confirm this intuitive "Long Tail" hypothesis.

As marketers, are we missing the capability to analyze the revenue potential of thousands, or tens of thousands of keyword combinations?

Sullivan continues his plea by frankly stating, " I feel today's analytics packages need to be more flexible, and automatically group referrals into keyword baskets, much like today's modern PPC programs. Through grouping of keywords, much better analysis of traffic, both paid and organic, could be completed to determine where tactics and strategy could better be applied."

In a final statement summarizing the frustration all online marketers have experienced, Rob cries out, "Therefore I am calling on Analytics vendors to address this situation."

Don't worry Rob, the "Chicks "are here to the rescue! Merlin Online Metrics accurately measures the revenue all of your Advertising channels. Tracking the initial search word, print Ad origin, or referring website, it can measure the revenue generated from positioning in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, to press releases, to offline and online Ad campaigns.

Rob, it doesn't stop there...Our keyword report captures all keywords that were used during any "touch point" of a sale, whether it was the beginning, middle or end of the buying process. Did I forget to mention our intelligence measures "customer" buying behavior, and not just searches? The bonus is that you can see the exact revenue that a particular keyword or string of keywords contributed to your sales bottom line! Imagine the power of gathering this type customer buying intelligence over months and years?

We've been doing exactly that for three years, and now Merlin Online Metrics has been built, tested and proven successful! I guess we were waiting for Rob Sullivan to make his plea...timing is everything! (Rob, I would have emailed you directly but I couldn't find your email address!)

Now That's Poultry In Motion - A Couple Of Chicks Provide Measurement For The

Now That's Poultry In Motion - A Couple Of Chicks Provide Measurement For The "Long Tail"

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