Making Money On The Internet: Not Enough Chefs Spoils The Broth

Making Money On The Internet: Not Enough Chefs Spoils The Broth

Despite anything you have heard to the contrary, making money on the Internet is not an impossible quest that will take 3 Academy Award winning films to complete.

The recipe for success on the Internet has always been known, the problem is too many wannabe Internet millionaires are ignoring one or more of the essential ingredients.

First and foremost the key ingredient to success on the Internet is having something of value. Though most people think that this ingredient must translate to an actual product, that is not entirely the case. In fact, many successful Internet entrepreneurs do not sell any products at all.

One thing of value that many people overlook though it can be the centerpiece of any good recipe for success is knowledge. Any area where you have more knowledge than the average person puts you in a position to create something of value on the Internet.

Whether you take that knowledge and have an e-book created, or you use that knowledge to create a comprehensive site on a particular subject, your knowledge in that area can become a viable source of income for you.

However, that one ingredient is not enough. Having a product (which can simply be information on a particular subject) is not enough for a winning recipe on the Internet, you need more. The next important ingredient that cannot be overlooked is having a plan.

Throwing a website together and putting it online quickly will have the same results as throwing a soufflé into the oven and hoping for the best. In order to truly make money on the Internet you need a real game plan of how to transform your site or series of sites into a source of income.

For many entrepreneurs creating that plan is difficult and that is when it is important to add a second chef to the mix - a website design and development firm. Partnering with the right website design and development firm can help transform your idea, your one ingredient, into a full course meal that can satisfy even the toughest critic which in most cases will be you.

So now you have two key ingredients, a product and a plan - so now what? Next you need to get your site noticed and many people forget this very important step. There is no point of opening the world's nicest widget store in a location that no one gets to.

Search engine rankings are the real estate of the Internet and location is the key! If you truly intend on making money on the Internet you must be willing to invest in search engine optimization. No matter how many e-books on the subject you read, no many how many SEO blogs you review the simple fact of the matter is you need to leave it to the experts - invite another chef into the kitchen, or ideally the chef you invited to help you with the plan can also assist you with search engine optimization.

So may argue that pay-per-click campaigns can be as successful as optimizing a website since you can be immediately placed in the first couple of pages of major search engines. Unfortunately, however, they forget to mention that your pay-per-click campaign will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars per month with no long-term residuals on the investment.

Simply put - you cannot make chicken salad without the chicken and you cannot have a successful website without search engine optimization. For those entrepreneurs looking for the recipe for success on the Internet you need only 3 ingredients: a product of value; a game plan and search engine optimization. Like any recipe - the quality of those three ingredients will make or break the recipe, therefore get the best of each ingredient your budget will allow.

Making Money On The Internet: Not Enough Chefs Spoils The Broth

Making Money On The Internet: Not Enough Chefs Spoils The Broth

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