3 Survival Tips For Thanksgiving

3 Survival Tips For Thanksgiving

"Everything that can go wrong will go wrong." It's Murphy's Law
and it's in force for the holidays too. But don't worry, you're not alone...
here are just a few stressful worst-case scenarios from my Thanksgivings.

o The oven blinks out on Thanksgiving...

o The sink backs up just before the dinner is ready--been there!

o The toilet overflows....ick.

and besides these blatant calamities, I bet you know this one:

"Is it done yet?"

What is it about the turkey that you can always count on? Cooking time
always takes MUCH longer than anticipated...and while you wait,
everyone gets sloshed on cocktails and full of appetizers. And that's
when you find out about ...

No Sugar, No Wheat, No Meat, No Nuts

Your guests are on new diets: vegetarian, vegan, no-sugar, no wheat
and no dairy. And, (think hazelnut stuffing) nuts! Too bad you didn't
know sooner...

What can you really DO? Sure you can turn into a super control freak
but your stress levels will go through the roof. Try these three practical
tips and enjoy the ride:

o All systems GO

Check all physical systems: stove, fridge, and plumbing. Gas in the car,
and air in the tires.These systems seem to collapse in anticipation of lots of guests.

o Delegate--don't try to do it all alone

This is a time for doing things together. Get help with planning, shopping, decorating, preparing and cooking. Don't go it alone. For special diet
requests, tell people to bring dishes that they can eat.

o Have a good laugh

Laughter is a top proven remedy for stress. Have a good laugh about the
fiascos and the unexpected. Everyone will remember laughing and celebrating.

Just in case something "goes wrong," you can still have a grand time enjoying it!

Enjoy the Holidays with Less Stress!

3 Survival Tips For Thanksgiving

3 Survival Tips For Thanksgiving

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