Top Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Start A Daycare Book

Top Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Start A Daycare Book

When starting a daycare one of the easiest ways to learn some of the tricks of the trade is to purchase a book or ebook. A Day Care Program like any of these are a great place to start. With many to choose from, how do you decide which is best for you. Below are some of things that you need to consider when selecting a book, ebook or program. First will be a question that needs considering and then the best criteria to select from.

1. Who wrote the book?
BEST-Written by someone that actually operated a successful daycare.
GOOD-Written by someone who researched operating a daycare by interviewing people who successfully operated a daycare.
FAIR-Written by a ghost writer with only researching it from the web and books

2. Does book include information on writing a business plan for a daycare?
BEST-Has examples of business plans included.
GOOD-Explains how to write a business plan and what is needed.
FAIR-States that need a business plan but does not tell how or give examples.

3. Does book review licenses procedures?
BEST-Goes in details on licensing and how to get them and gives information about each State's procedures.
GOOD-Reviews some information on getting license and links to each State for more information.
FAIR-Only mentions that license is needed but gives no additional information.

4. Does book review daycare pricing and how to decide on pricing?
BEST-Covers in details how to set pricing and how to determine if your pricing is comparable to your competitors. Also explains how to determine profitability based on price verses expenses.
GOOD- Explains only to check competitors to determine pricing.
FAIR- Only slightly covers price and does not give info on how to set price.

5. Does book cover hiring staff and number of staff needed?
BEST-Goes in details on hiring staff to include how to do background checks, references, and education. Also covers recommended number of staff per number of clients.
GOOD- Only covers hiring staff and recommends background checks, references, and education.
FAIR- Only covers that you may need to hire staff but does not go into any details.

6. Does book cover the supplies, equipment and safety?
BEST- Gives details on supplies, equipment and safety.
GOOD- Gives detail on supplies and equipment.
FAIR- Only cover general supplies needed.

7. Does book cover over forms needed and give examples?
BEST- Covers in details forms need and also provides samples of the forms.
GOOD- Covers forms that are needed but does not give examples.
FAIR- Only discusses that forms will be needed and refers you elsewhere for them.

There are many other areas that you may want to consider as well but these are the top seven. Some of this information you may not be able to find out without buying the book. So you may want to find reviews of the books to help make a decision.

Top Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Start A Daycare Book

Top Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Start A Daycare Book

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