Planning For Wedding Favors

Planning For Wedding Favors

Why should you give wedding favors? Because a wedding favor is a way of saying 'thank you.' It's the perfect way of showing gratuitous etiquette. Your family wouldn't disown you if they went home empty-handed, but they may feel slightly disappointed!

Let's face is, you don't have to be a millionaire to pass out a few wedding favors. If you've shopped around and you felt overwhelmed with the prices of favors, consider making your own! It's time-consuming, we know! Why not invite the Bridal party over a month or two before the wedding for a gals only night! Pass around a bottle of champagne and have a few laughs while creating your perfect wedding favors!

Stumped for ideas? Try some unique wedding favors. But these two things in bulk: Chinese food cartons and chopsticks. Fill the Chinese food cartons with candy, and tie the chopsticks to the carton with ribbon. No explanation to your guests! Make sure your photographer takes plenty of your guests packing at their candies with chopsticks!

Silk sachets, decorative pictures frames, seashells, cookies, ornaments, scented candles, potpourri, incense, wine-stoppers, candle-holders, and personalized items like: chocolate bars, colas, or even a grain of rice, are all great wedding favor ideas embraced by many couples.

It doesn't really matter what the wedding favor is, what matters most is how it is presented-and how it is received. Be sure to put each wedding favor at each person's place setting. Or you can have the flower-girl and ring-bearer pass them out as everyone is leaving the reception. The key is to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Your wedding favors should be functional. If you're using them as place-settings, attach a ribbon with each persons name to a tag. If you're allowing someone to pass the wedding favors out, attach your thank you cards, rather than mail them later. Nevertheless, if you're looking to add a touch of décor to your reception, put up a tree with white lights and hang wedding favors from the tree. Each person who grabs a favor will truly feel like that are receiving a gift.

Make each favor idea more personal by print you and your spouses name on each item. Have a ribbon or photograph embossed with your name and wedding date. This way, nobody can forget what an incredible time they had on that specific day.

In addition to the wedding favor, it's always a good idea to send a follow-up envelope with any pictures of your guests and their immediate family. Photograph duplicates are so much more affordable now, with the invention if digital cameras and computer-printing. This is a gift they'll definitely treasure!

Planning For Wedding Favors

Planning For Wedding Favors

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