Real Time MLM Leads - What's The Scoop?

Real Time MLM Leads - What's The Scoop?

You've probably heard from several network marketers how good their response has been when calling Real Time MLM Leads as opposed to leads that are a few days, a few weeks or even several months old. The only thing better than a Real Time MLM Lead would be a company specific real time lead.  

Many marketers get scared off at the thought of generating their own leads when really there is only 1 essential tool required. It's called a lead capture page and it's the exact same tool that ANY Real Time lead generator would be using to generate the very same leads that you would normally be purchasing from them. The MLM leads companies have you over a barrel and the only way you can fight back is to cut them out of the equation and simply generate your own Real Time leads it's really not that hard when you have the right tools.

1. Lead Capture Pages & Followup System.

2. Advertising, Advertising & More Advertising.

The only major difference between you running your own lead generation campaign compared to the lead generator is the amount of advertising that would be sent. Obviously the leads company has a bigger budget to work with but if you do decide to venture out and generate your own real time leads you do have a major advantage that most MLM lead companies don't have. It's called quality control. Listen to this... When a lead generator decides to generate their next batch of real-time mlm leads they go out and advertises their lead capture pages on a very massive scale. Make no mistake about it they are going for Quantity of leads not necessarily Quality and that is a really important factor to think about. 

Although some people may not think so the lead quality is directly related to the advertisement (lead capture page) that the prospect originally responded to. If they responded to an ad about some of the most basic benefits of owning a home business such as time freedom and residual income then guess what? The lead generated from that type of generic advertisement is a generic home business lead nothing more nothing less no matter how much sugar coating the lead retailer wants to put on it. Just because a lead is a Real Time lead doesn't automatically make it a good lead. You have NO idea what advertisement these leads responded to. You have NO idea what type of business the generic real time mlm leads are looking for.

The lead retailer knows in order to make the most amount of money possible from every lead that they generate the leads need to be workable by a broad scope of network marketers hence why they keep them generic and not selling the benefits of any one particular company or product. Unfortunately the lead may not be so open to such a broad scope of business opportunities being pitched at them. And herein lies the advantage for the do it yourself lead generator.

You have the control to generate leads so targeted and specific for your opportunity that it really doesn't matter how many you generate they are going to convert to sales at some point because these are leads who have raised their hand and requested more information about your very specific offer. The type of lead you generate is directly related to the capture page you are advertising. If you are advertising a lead capture page that sells the benefits of a unique health and wellness product along with some of the benefits of that specific opportunity then you will be generating a lead that is specific to your company. You really cannot get much targeted than that can you?

Obviously when running your own real time lead generation campaign you will be dealing with less prospects because you have refined your marketing approach to a very select market. Your chance of actually connecting with someone and making that sale is much greater because the lead has been laser targeted to your specifications, they are real-time fresh and totally exclusive to you.

If you're looking to spend your money on real time MLM leads for your opportunity then you really should consider the benefits to generating your own company specific real time leads. You'll spend less time sorting and more time selling!

Real Time MLM Leads - What's The Scoop?

Real Time MLM Leads - What's The Scoop?

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