Hurricane Fighting Via Ocean Surface Coating

Hurricane Fighting Via Ocean Surface Coating

Some say that it maybe impossible to stop a Hurricane from forming or get it to partially dissipate once it gets going. Recently a think tanker blasted such a plan. Personally I enjoyed his rants, as this is rather serious. Why just the other day I was pouring over the 2006 Hurricane Name List. And our little New Years Celebration reminder, Zeta was a sign that Mother Nature is not something to forget or take lightly. We need to be looking towards R and D to prevent Hurricanes from forming.

One complaint about coating the ocean’s surface is that the ocean would churn it up and tuck and roll the substance under the sea. The other complaint was that it is a problematic situation for sea life as the chemicals would still be in the ocean after that point.

There was an actual study done by the Government and there are ways to prevent a chemical from coming apart and even staying somewhat in tact. Now it would not have to be perfectly intact, but rather only prevent the water droplets from the salt spray to remain the same consistency. Hurricanes need to have a force block the relative weather airflows and wind sheers.

The point made regarding dropping chemicals in the ocean is a good one. But cleaning up such things may not be as tough as you think and if the chemical liquid compound is lighter than ocean water it can be collected on top of the surface after the storm dissipates.


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If you could knock a Cat 5 to a Cat III or a Cat III to a Cat I then even if you do not render the Hurricane out of commission, as in get rid of all that energy, you can knock down the circulation and wind and perhaps some of this storm surge.

In consideration of sea life, let’s not forget what a Hurricane Does to mankind’s civilization such as over flowing POTWs, urban runoff and pollution after a major Hurricane strike that kills sea life too. Think on this in 2006.

Hurricane Fighting Via Ocean Surface Coating

Hurricane Fighting Via Ocean Surface Coating

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