Writing A Life Bio For Your Graduating Class After 40 Years Of Healing - Part One

Writing A Life Bio For Your Graduating Class After 40 Years Of Healing - Part One

Writing a life bio for some websites can be a challenge. Especially, when the site doesn't tell you how any words you get, or what the guidelines are regarding reference to other commercial websites. What? No remarks section!

After 40 years of healing, I recently attempted to create such a masterpiece, daring make contact with the kids with whom I shared those critical, formative four years.

I've since learned that my work probably won't be accepted. Having worked all night on it, I decided to publish in two parts here. The following has been submitted for the Class of 1965, Franklin High School in Portland, Or.

My "Life Bio", as they call it here, can best be read by Googling Russ Miles. I'm not the software developer in England, although I often wished that I shared his skills. Anyway, I'll be on page one. lol The EzineArticles writer, and I'm probably listed a hundred or so more times. is my personal website where you classmates can keep yourself occupied for a couple of weeks if you like. As my computer people won't be here to fix the glitch for a day or two, I can't update the site, so I am finding fun ways to fill in my time.

I've just joined MySpace, and have posted my 4th day Blog. Check it out. If you are already a member, please add me to your "Friends" list. This is quite a Cyberspace vehicle. I'm only beginning to learn what I must do to fly it :)

OK, I'm the father of 4 children, Grandpa of 9. I'm single, again, and my 16-yr-old daughter, Cassiopeia, moved in with me unannounced on New Years Day. We remember being 16, don't we? I was the deaf kid from a logging camp - fresh out of an 8th grade class of 6 kids of which only two of us were boys.

Lord, I hated high school! A class of 600, mostly self-consumed city kids, jockeying for position and but a few teachers could comprehend or relate to what I was experiencing. One day, I will publish a book about it.

Had it not been for discovering wrestling, speech and drama, I doubt that I would have survived. Even then, it was my 58 Plymouth convertible that afforded me the chance to stay relatively sane. Kids from other schools didn't know what a klutz I was.

I'd have killed to be a part of you then! I mean, somebody beside myself. Raised a Catholic, I knew that suicide was a "Mortal Sin." That, it would have taken more than 3 "Our Fathers" and 4 "Hail Mary's" to have been forgiven. Fortunately, I had a Very Good God watching over me to make me realize that I wouldn't be able to say even them if I killed myself.

Unfortunately, several in our class, didn't believe that, did they?

Anyway, today it is more acceptable to depart with such a wasted statement. Probably, this explains why more teenagers kill themselves today. Have things improved? I hardly think so... But, on the bright side, shooting teachers and fellow classmates is more acceptable now. Still, I'm glad that was not an option in our class. We didn't kill each other - at least, not in the flesh.

Hey, guys and gals, I don't hold any of you responsible for what I went through. We were just kids. How could you know what I was feeling? Would you have even had a chance to care, if you had?

I only pray that I have imparted some understanding, by not making speedy judgments of others, to my own children when someone is "Out of it" at their school.

From what I see, they are each compassionate and understanding. Not to mention, "Forgiving." Yes, this too is something I have learned.

I have done many things to be forgiven for, both since and back when we were in Franklin. I didn't have the courage to call wrong, "Wrong!" On occasion, I've even called wrong, "Right!"

(Continued in Writing a Life Bio for Your Graduating Class After 40 Years of Healing ~ Part Two)

Writing A Life Bio For Your Graduating Class After 40 Years Of Healing - Part One

Writing A Life Bio For Your Graduating Class After 40 Years Of Healing - Part One

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