Spirituality - How To Really Live In The Now!

Spirituality - How To Really Live In The Now!

What if that life history of yours was only a movie playing in your head and you found yourself enslaved by it? What does that feel like to you? It is such an important question to ponder as it will determine whether you will ever find your way to freedom and mastery over your life.

Perhaps without realizing it several important insights are worth expounding on here in order to bring greater clarity to this important and unquestioned matter:

1. You always live in the Now whether you like it or not.

2. Your experience of the Now is either the real experience of who you are and where you are OR it's the experience of a "movie" that is playing in your mind.

3. The "movie" is represented by the sum total of all the "video clips" that supposedly represent your life experience and which you "think" is the true reality.

4. This "movie" never actually took place but you "think" that it did; in fact it is only an illusion that in no way represents true reality.

5. Because you "think" the movie in your head represents your life you are weighed down by the consequences of this movie and distracted from your real existence.

6. All of this blocks you from fully engaging all of your vital life energy and your creative abilities to manifesting a "Real" and fulfilling existence for yourself.

7. Instead your vital life energy is consumed in "propping up" the movie in your head and this movie ultimately determines your fate, if you let it.

8. It is possible to completely erase the movie and thereby step out into a place of freedom where "YOU", NOT the movie has mastery over your life energy.

So if you wish to be free and take responsibility of your power, your creative energy and your entire life then kindly visit the web link below where you can get a head start on this journey.

Spirituality - How To Really Live In The Now!

Spirituality - How To Really Live In The Now!

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