If You Didn't See The Ball Drop In Time's Square There's Still Time!

If You Didn't See The Ball Drop In Time's Square There's Still Time!

Many small-business marketers don't have the know-how to market like the big boys. Make a New Year's resolution to tell potential customers about your quality services. Are they dropping the ball on their marketing efforts?

Here are seven tidbits for increasing visibility in your business and to establish yourself as an
expert in your field. Let your intended audiences gain insight into your
quality services and products by using these simple yet effective tactics for
small businesses.

Partner with other small businesses

Do some research and find out what other businesses are serving customers in your market. Offer to recommend their products or services in exchange for their recommendations for yours.

Remember word of mouth advertising

Go above and beyond to tell people about your products or service offerings. Attend networking events and pass out business cards. Ask for referrals from existing
customers, these can be great warm calls to follow-up with. Once you get customers make sure you deliver quality at-cost and on time to build a sound reputation.

Know thy self and your ustomer

It's important to have a clear understanding of who your customers are and if YOU
can reach them. Develop an ideal customer profile that includes pertinent information. Once you know what kind of customer you are trying to reach you will know what products and services they buy and what channel to reach them.

Are you an expert?

Offer yourself as an expert contributor to speak at trade events or to journalists doing a story in your field. You will build enormous credibility and seen as a valuable resource. It's free advertising too!

Let your customers build credibility for you

Ask your satisfied customers, all businesses should have at least a few satisfied customers, to submit a testimonial that you post on your website. Testimonials are almost as good as a referral because people want to do business with companies that have satisfied customers.

Online Presence...Easy come and easy go

If you are selling products and services over the web make sure your potential customers can find exactly what they want. Make it easy to buy your products or you will never see them return again. After all you want return customers right?

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still the most economical way to reach an intended audience. There are direct mail project management firms available that do all of the work for your from design to delivery. Make sure your project managers have a good reputation
before signing on the dotted line.

If You Didn't See The Ball Drop In Time's Square There's Still Time!

If You Didn't See The Ball Drop In Time's Square There's Still Time!

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