Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look!

Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look!

You may think that all bamboo furniture looks like what you would see on Gilligan's Island-poles held together with ropes and woven mats strung across the back or seat. The truth of the matter is furniture from bamboo can be just as stylish and beautiful as any other wood furniture, and it is much more environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking for a new dining room set, an armoire, a bed, or a coffee table, you can find bamboo furniture that will meet your needs and provide a unique and fun new look for your home.

What Is Bamboo?

Bamboo is not really a wood-it is a grass. A grass that takes one year to reach a full height that could be as high as 30 to 40 feet. It then matures and hardens for the next four to seven years before it is ready to be harvested and used to make bamboo furniture or flooring. A tree, on the other hand, takes decades to reach maturity for use in furniture or flooring. In the same amount of space that you can grow one tree, you can grow several shoots of bamboo. Europeans have long recognized the utility of bamboo furniture, but it is just beginning to catch on in the United States.

Two Sytles Of Furniture

Once you have decided that you want to look for some bamboo furnishings for your home, there are two basic styles that you can choose from. One is very similar to the bamboo furniture that you saw on that tropical paradise that Gilligan lived on. However, it definitely is more comfortable and is better constructed. It would be great for use on a patio or around a pool or even in a tropical themed room.

The other type of bamboo furniture that is on the market may surprise you with its clean cut lines, warmth and beauty. It is made through a process of cutting strips of bamboo, boiling them to make them resistant to bugs and mildew and gluing the strips together edge to edge and pressing the panels together to make a multi-layer piece of "wood." It can be shaped into every type of furniture that you can think of and bamboo furniture looks just like hardwood furniture. It comes in both light and dark shades and finishes. When a piece is said to be "carbonized" it means that it is heated for a long time to make the bamboo darker. The longer the carbonization process, the darker the piece of bamboo furniture will be. Once it is laminated it is very strong and durable and will last for generations if it is well cared for.

Caring For Your New Furniture

In order to care for your bamboo furniture you will need to clean it periodically with a soft cloth and a gentle cleanser designed for wood furniture. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up immediately to prevent staining or water marks. But it will be extremely durable like any other piece of hardwood furniture.

Do More Research!

To find furniture that is made from bamboo, or to learn more about all of the many products made from bamboo (they even have clothing made from bamboo), you can just take a look online and you will find all kinds of products that may interest you. Whether you just want a single piece of furniture or you want to decorate a whole room, bamboo may be just the thing you are looking for. You don't have to be environmentally conscious to appreciate the quality and beauty of this type of furniture-it speaks for itself.

Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look!

Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look!

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