Can You Make Money Re-Selling EBooks Or EBook Packages?

Can You Make Money Re-Selling EBooks Or EBook Packages?

I remember when I started my internet business a couple of years ago I kept reading about ebooks, ebook resell packages and information products being "over the hill" and how I shouldn't try to build a business on "yesterday's fad".

Well the more I looked into this field the more people I found quietly (and some not so quietly) making their living by reselling ebooks and electronic information products others warned me away from. How did they succeed when others didn't? How easy is it to resell ebooks online?

There are many reasons some succeed and others fail but the main one I could see - and what I focused on - is researching the market. Spend your time finding a niche market where people are buying products and only then look for a product to fulfill their needs. To most people this sounds illogical. Surely you need a product before you can find your customers? That is a way of thinking that will hold you back until you get rid of it!

Think about it - you just found the greatest ebook to resell ever on your favourite subject. You eagerly go about setting up your online campaign, either pay per click or building a website or whichever method you favour, and sit back waiting for your flood of sales. Guess what? No one buys it. Why? Because no one else is looking for that product!

What you need to do is find out what people are looking for first - and then tie in a product to that hungry market. There are many tools available for researching what people are typing into their search engines. A top free product I use every day is Good Keywords by Softnik Technologies. Download it free below.

Then just brain storm ideas for what people may be looking for and use Good Keywords to confirm your hunches. then find an ebook with master resell rights to fit their searches. There are several options to source your ebooks. Clickbank is excellent and everyone should be a member. It has thousands of products to sell on at various commission levels.

Another option is to write your own ebooks, but most of us don't feel confident enough at the beginning to do this. It should definitely be something for later however!

Thirdly you can buy ebooks with resell rights either individually or in a package. You have two advantages here, you can use the books yourself - usually at a huge discount - and also sell them on to make big profits. You will even find e Books telling you exactly how to build your online business within the package.

I hope this gives you an idea about what to do and also the confidence to go out and do it. By necessity this is a short article and does not go into any detail but just dive in and get started - remember to treat this professionally and you will be rewarded with a profitable and enjoyable online business.

Can You Make Money Re-Selling EBooks Or EBook Packages?

Can You Make Money Re-Selling EBooks Or EBook Packages?

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