Ionic Air Purifier - What Is It?

Ionic Air Purifier - What Is It?

Have You Heard Or Come Across An Ionic Air Purifier?

With all of the air purification systems on the market today, what sets this one apart? The ionic purifier works by producing negative ions that go into the air and attach themselves to dust particles, bacteria, and other contaminants. Once the particles in the air get clumped together and are too big to stay aloft they fall on the floor and then you simply vacuum them up. If all of this sounds a little too far-fetched to be true, you might want to note that the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that the use of negative ions such as using an ionic air purifier reduced the number of airborne viruses by around 40% and the Department of Agriculture found that if you ionize a room it reduces the dust by over 50 percent and the bacteria by over 90 percent.


There are other advantages of using an ionic air purifier in your home or office. There was a study done by the Toyota Motors lab that showed that using this type of device to increase the negative ions in the environment also cut down on the fatigue that the study participants experienced and improved cognition as well. This could have implications not only at home, but also on the productivity of office environments that use an ionic air purifier as well. You know the energized feeling you get when you are watching a thunderstorm or standing near a huge waterfall or the pounding surf at the beach? This is the same phenomena that the ionic air purifier duplicates when it sends the negatively charged ions into the air.

Silence Is Golden

Here are some other things that an ionic air purifier can do. It is silent. Even if you are standing right next to it, you will probably hear nothing. This is because there is no fan. The negative ions are simply being produced and moving into the air on their own charge. It also removes odors such as pet odors from the air as well. Other air purifiers may do this, but they may not do it as efficiently as the ionic air purifier.

What To Look For Before Purchasing

If you are ready to purchase an ionic purifier right now, here are some things that you should look for when you are shopping. Each purifier has a rating for its negative ion output. The more negative ions the ionic air purifier puts out the more space it can keep clear. So, for a large room you would need a larger purifier than if you were to use it in a small space such as a bathroom or a child's bedroom. You should also find out about any filters or other parts of the purifier that might need to be replaced and figure that into the cost. You can also probably find an ionic air purifier that doesn't have any parts that need to be replaced, but it will still need regular cleaning.


You can find compact ionic purifiers that you can use for travel for less than 10 dollars or units that are designed to purify a large room that cost hundreds of dollars. It is all up to you and what your particular needs are.

Ionic Air Purifier - What Is It?

Ionic Air Purifier - What Is It?

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