Does Your Resume Sell You?

Does Your Resume Sell You?

Will your resume get you an interview or be dumped in the "round file"? Your resume must provide enough information to tweak the interest of the potential employer Here are some tips for preparing your resume:

One page or Two Page?

Employers are busy people with very little time to read your resume, but don't sell yourself short by condensing your resume too much. If it takes two pages to tell your full story, use them. But be sure to make every word count.

Use an Objective?

Not necessary. Your resume should tell the story of who you are, not what you want from the employer - rather, what you have to offer. You also want to set your intention for the next job by telling why you are a good hire for the position.


Yes, but only to the extent that the details demonstrate your accomplishments. You can use abbreviated language and make sure you "tell the story" through your results. Just telling what your responsibilities are will NOT get you the interview. You have to convince the hiring manager that you can get results.

Mass mailing?

Never. You really should try to personalize the cover letter for each employer. Try to talk to the potential employer first so you can find out what is important to highlight. If you just send your resume to every company you can think of, you are wasting your time. And speaking of wasting your time, don't make the job boards your ONLY networking tool. You are competing against thousands of folks for those jobs, so it's best not to rely on them as your only mechanism for finding work.

Does Your Resume Sell You?

Does Your Resume Sell You?

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