30 Perfect Wedding Favor Ideas

30 Perfect Wedding Favor Ideas

Running out of wedding favor ideas? We've compiled a list of items that can be wrapped in tulle or placed into a sachet with an embossed ribbon attached. See if you can make use of these items! One of them may be the key element that you're missing for a themed wedding party or a wedding favor for your loved ones.

If you've decided to 'do it yourself' for your wedding favors, you may wish to purchase a roll of mesh or tulle to place some of these small items into. It really makes for a beautiful presentations, which displays the amount of effort you put into your wedding favors. Your wedding favors are intended to be a small token of appreciation, hence the presentation is of great importance.

Tie some ribbon onto your wedding favor once you've put it together. You may have pre-printed labels that display your names and the date of importance to remember. If not, you can purchase colorful ribbon from a gift shop.

A picture frame to capture a candid moment

Simple glass jar filled with candies for a sweet tooth

Gift Certificates for Fast Food or A Movie Rental

Pretty box for keepsakes

Colorful notepads

Address books

Photo Albums

Christmas ornaments


A Fancy Writing Pen




Bath Beads

Decorative Vase

Gourmet Jellies

Personalized Mug Filled with Candies

Sparkling Cider

Personalized Writing Stationary

Herbal and Spiced Teas

Pound of Jelly Beans or Pistachios

Gourmet Popcorn in many different flavors

Decorative Napkins for 4 Table Settings

A small Fruit Basket

Disposable Cameras for the Reception

Liquor Filled Chocolates

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Decorative Ashtrays/Soap Dishes

Flower Seeds

Personalized Soda/Chocolate Bars

Hopefully, you've found something that you hadn't though of before. If not, don't worry-you'll find the perfect wedding favor in the coming days. Think back to the previous weddings you have attended. What kind of favors did they give their guests? Do any of the inexpensive items on this list coincide with their wedding favors?

Just remember-there is no such thing as the 'perfect' wedding favor. There's only the 'perfect' wedding favor for you and your spouse. After all, your token of appreciation should be unique and from your heart. If you've covered those bases-than your wedding favor will be well-received by everyone that attends on your special day.

30 Perfect Wedding Favor Ideas

30 Perfect Wedding Favor Ideas

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