Make Old Clubs Like New

Make Old Clubs Like New

Over the years, I've learned that some golfing tips are better than others. To be honest, some of the best golf tips are also some of the simpliest to apply. This may be one that falls into that category.

If you're like me and find yourself not able to afford a new set of clubs this year or you simply don't want to get rid of your old favorites, consider reinvigorating those old clubs with some new grips.

Depending on how much you play and practice will determine when you should be thinking about replacement grips. And, of course, better made grips should last longer than less expensive ones. But, overall, after two or three seasons, it's time to take a look at those grips to see if they are still holding up.

Generally speaking, common sense, coupled with a keen visual inspection, will tell you if it's time to replace the grips. Look for flat spots, worn areas, and nicks and cuts. Also, check the tightness of the grip on the shaft. There is nothing worse for your game than a loose grip. And, no, wrapping it with duct tape is not the answer.

If you decide that is time to replace those old, worn-out grips, do a bit of research before jumping into the replacement phase. Take a trip to a good pro shop and ask the pro there for some advice. Most better pro shops will actually do the replacements for you and are happy to spend some time with you as you decide on the right type of grip.

Keep in mind that you do not have to replace your old grips with the exact same type of grip. It may be time to explore a new model of grip. Issues such as grip thickness, material, length and overall "feel" in your hands, can all be changed at this point. Find something that really feels as if it is a part of your hands. Something that fits you perfectly. Again, the pro can help you with this decision and show you various kinds of grips to fit your individual needs and budget.

Now as much as I love the Internet and all that it is capable of doing, I don't recommend that you buy your grips online until after you have had a chance to physically test a few grips. If you plan to replace your grips with exactly the same style and model of grip that you have now, this isn't too big an issue. But if you're planning to switch models, then do yourself a big favor and test some out in person before ordering online. Getting a set of new grips that look awesome online but feel "wrong" in your hands will only disappoint you.

The fact is, putting new grips on old clubs is a great way to save money and improve your game. It's almost like getting a new set for a fraction of the cost!1

Make Old Clubs Like New

Make Old Clubs Like New

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