Self Confidence Creates Power

Self Confidence Creates Power

If you feel like you are battling with your own self-confidence, it is time to take a look at some of the most confident people of our time. Confidence and high self esteem made them the successful people they are today, without it; they wouldn't have climbed corporate ladders or been leaders in very public positions. They would have lived ordinary lives and it would have been such a waste of great talent.

Think about some of the very successful people in this day and time. Donald Trump, Peyton Manning and Ex-President Clinton, just to name a few. What do these people have in common with one another? They sure aren't a bunch of pessimistic-thinking individuals. They are confident, successful leaders and people that carry power.

Donald Trump

"The Donald" has more confidence or self esteem than the whole New York Jets team. He is larger than life and seems to find a way to stay that way. Even after past financial devastations, the man just keeps coming back. What is it about him that makes him so capable of doing this? He is confident, almost to the point of arrogant, the man is most definitely impressed with himself, and that's OK because he earned the right. His confidence has taken him to the very top of the corporate world. Even before his show, The Apprentice, everyone knew who he was. It's a name that means business.....Trump.

Peyton Manning

The Manning name may have gotten him his very first public coverage from ESPN when he first went to the University of Tennessee, but "Peyton" is the name that everyone will remember. He is the most confident NFL Football Player on the scene today, and why wouldn't he be? Peyton Manning had a fire in his eyes this year as the season began, there was no question, this was going to be his year to shine. If you like to gamble on football, bet on Peyton's Indianapolis Colts, this man is not going to let his team lose. It's a sure thing.

Bill Clinton

Ex-President Clinton was and is still so likeable, that you will hear people from all walks of life refer to him as BILL CLINTON. With the exception of the news media, everyone just feels compelled to refer to him as Bill. Maybe it was because of the way he confidently stood in the Presidency or perhaps it was the way he became more like the average man once scandal after scandal rocked The White House, but one thing is for certain this man is Confidence.

Now you might ask, "what do these people have in common with me"? The answer would be: quite a lot. They all came into this world the same way you did and they put their pants on the same way you do. They just learned the power of confidence relatively early in life and decided to do something positive with it. They have overcome adversity and many challenges, but they always rise above and stand taller than ever before.

If you are having problems with your level of confidence or self esteem, find what it is that is stopping you from achieving the self-confidence you need to be all that you were meant to be. Empower yourself with confidence by reading stories of people that define it and then take control of your life and own it.

Self Confidence Creates Power

Self Confidence Creates Power

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