Nine Common Mistakes Investors Make

Nine Common Mistakes Investors Make

1. Buying a stock when it's trending down in price. Stocks are usually down in price for a reason.

2. Buying low priced stocks. These stocks are usually cheap due to problems. Many institutional investors don't look at low priced shares and institutional support is one of the ingredients needed to help propel a stock's price higher.

3. Wanting to get rich quick without doing the necessary homework. To make money in the stock market, you must spend time doing research, educating yourself, and learning from previous mistakes.

4. Buying on tips and rumours. Most rumours tend to be false.

5. Acting on poor advice. Most investors are not able to find good information so it's critical to educate yourself as much as possible.

6. Not buying stocks that rise to new highs. 98% of investors are afraid to buy stocks as they begin to move into new high ground. It just seems too high to them. Don't allow your fears to dictate your purchases. Emotions are far less accurate than markets.

7. Cashing in small, easy-to-take profits, and holding onto small losses. This tactic is the exact opposite of correct portfolio management strategy.

8. Putting price limits on buy-and-sell orders. Novice investors rarely place orders to buy or sell a share at the market price. This procedure is poor because the investor is quibbling for eighths and quarters of a point rather than getting out of stocks that should be sold to avoid substantial losses or buying into popular stocks.

9. Vacillating and not being able to make up your mind as to when to buy, sell, or hold a stock. This is a sign of having no plan and without a plan you're swimming against the tide.

Nine Common Mistakes Investors Make

Nine Common Mistakes Investors Make

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