School Management Software

School Management Software

Education system forms the backbone of every nation. The success of this system lies in correct knowledge dissemination process blended with smooth and efficient functioning of management system. Technology at schools can play a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education. Let us talk about a few issues related to this. Exploring the reasons why IT is not just a subject to be taught but an effective tool to be used.


Mental blocks

Schools are doing well without IT

It adds a lot of cost on school.

Our teachers and other users are no techno savvy.

Not all our parents are IT enabled so what's the point.

Who will manage the data.


1. Complete organization of data within the school :

Manual work most of the time is Redundant, Incomplete, Improper, Not available when required. Dependency factor is always high in this case. Further handling old files is difficult and unhealthy. Hand written data is sometime not readable.

2. Streamlining the educational process :

The manual way of working gives us total freedom and flexibility ...which results in a less protocol or standardized way of working. An IT solution helps in proper documentation and standardization of education process by setting up protocols for each and every process of schooling. We document and manage much more information than the manual process. Accessing the documented information is again a very easy process.

3. Effectively increasing the productivity and efficiency of the office management staff :

Schools experience that the productivity of the same office staff increases after implementation of IT solutions. They can work out things well in time and are free to take care of the other smaller issues in school management. The same office work can be handled by less staff thereby allowing the rest of the man power to be deputed in other productive works.

4. Reducing the paper work to a great extend thereby making you eco friendly and the process cost effective :

In a school since we manage information of thousands of users at a time against a number of transactions and activities, the paper usage in very high for collection, saving and distribution of such information. Moreover the multiple copies of the data multiplies the usage. An IT solution with a good mechanism for the information processing and sharing saves a significant amount of paper for the school which in tern in not just cost effective but is eco friendly as well.

5. Strengthening relationship with parents by maintaining a proper information system :

Communication and transparency always play a key role in forming a healthy relation ship with parents and also add to their satisfaction. Properly working information system helps us making better use of parent teacher meetings as the crucial time of personal interaction is not consumed in just accessing the basic information and setting up the agenda.

Some schools are also using their web sites and portals to keep their parents informed about the latest in the school and facilitating their knowledge sharing with smartly designed tools.

6. Saving a lot of Man hrs, which directly means saving a lot of money:

Automation of basic procedures in school save a lot of man hrs which directly reflects to expenditure of the school. FEE, Admission, Payroll, stock.

7. Increasing the reach and effectiveness of teachers by making them work on their core issue of imparting education instead of working on data management and admin related issues in the school and while at home.

8. Automation of important units like fees, library and stock can effectively eliminate any ambiguity and loss of property and liquidity of the school.

9. Reducing a lot of communication cost on various communication based processes in the school.

If planned properly a single point school management solution can eliminate redundant entry of data at various units in the institution.

You can visit our school management software website for more technical details.

School Management Software

School Management Software

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