First Contemplation Before Meditation - Be Kind And Compassionate Towards Everybody

First Contemplation Before Meditation - Be Kind And Compassionate Towards Everybody

For all those of you who find it really difficult to meditate, here is one quick and easy contemplation exercises, which, in all likelihood, will take you into a meditative state instantly.

Be kind towards everybody

Please remember:

If you are not kind enough with your neighbors, if you do not love your fellow men, if you are not thankful to God for all things that s/he has given to you - then forget about meditation. It has no use for you and no meditation technique will help you.

Before doing meditation it is necessary that we have a feeling of true compassion for the whole universe. And when I say 'Whole universe', I really mean it. It means a feeling of compassion for all. For each and everybody. A feeling of love, compassion and kindness for every living and non-living object. Just be loving to your friend, your neighbours, your colleagues, your parents, your relatives and...... to your enemies and competitors too !! Yes I mean it.

It may sounds quite odd, but it is the experience of millions who have meditated. With a bitter heart and animosity for someone, we simply can't meditate . It is simply impossible.

Please do this before starting meditation - just sit comfortably. You can sit on a chair, on bed, on earth in lotus pose (cross legged) or in anyway of your liking. Close your eyes and send thought of good will to everybody. Just say in your mind - " I love everybody. My love compassion and kindness is for everyone. "

It may be the case that somebody has hurt you. Somebody has deceived you or you have been the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities. Even if such is the case, thank God that he does not make you like them. Things could be worse. You could be one of them! Forgive them honestly and say in you heart" Now I forgive them"

I know that it is really difficult to forgive many times. Sometimes we have to suffer badly for no faults of ours. However, I earnestly request you to please consider this clichéd but golden advise that to err is human and to forgive is divine. Please forgive those who have hurt you. Think over this: Had you been in their shoes, had you gotten the same kind of upbringing, education, had you been in the same sort of environment, then in all likelihood, you will be just like them. Please realize that we all are the result of our circumstances and thoughts. If people are bad, it is not that they have chosen to be bad. There are many factors like circumstances, financial & domestic conditions, educational background, friends-circle etc. that shape our lives.

Just think from the perspective that people are bad because of many external factors over which they do not have any control. Have sympathy with them, be compassionate and loving towards them and.......forgive them.

It appears difficult but is not very tough. To forgive somebody requires some real effort but the mental peace it provides is worth that effort. Now spread feelings of goodwill to all.

Say- " May I find true happiness."

Say- " May all people who are close to my heart- my family, my parents, my very close friends; they all find true happiness."

Slowly start expanding your area of goodwill.

Say :

" May all people on earth- whether I know them or not, whether I like them or not, they all find true happiness. "

Spread this good will to not just people but to all living creatures in all directions.

"May they all find true happiness. I love them all. Everybody is my friend. No one is my enemy"

This internal preparation is a very powerful way of preparing body for meditation and will make you very calm. In my next article I'll you about the second contemplation exercise prior to meditation.

First Contemplation Before Meditation - Be Kind And Compassionate Towards Everybody

First Contemplation Before Meditation - Be Kind And Compassionate Towards Everybody

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