Non-SEO Ways To Huge Traffic Using Blogs

Non-SEO Ways To Huge Traffic Using Blogs

If you have been looking for ways to increase traffic to your sites, you've probably heard the expression SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so many times by now that you are starting to get a little sick hearing about it. That are a lot of sick people out there because anybody with a web presence of any sort needs traffic.

So is there another way to generate loads of traffic without being involved in any SEO? Actually there is. And what's more, this other method will give you much more targeted traffic.

Despite the fact that blogs are the ultimate SEO tool and weapon, the same blogs can be used for very effective non-SEO traffic generation. Actually there are quite a number of businesses doing very well generating tons of traffic using non-SEO methods.

Why Interest in Non-SEO Traffic Generation Is Growing

The SEO game has gotten extremely complicated even as the stakes have risen to dizzying heights. On one side of the divide we have search engines involved in an increasingly fierce contest for supremacy. To win this contest they have to ensure that their search results are as accurate and useful as possible to users.

On the opposite corner are millions of people with a web presence who want their sites to rank as high as possible at all costs so that they can receive the sort of traffic that will make them highly profitable or successful in whatever they are doing. Most do not really care how accurate or useful searches using search engines are. All that matters to them is high ranking and therefore high traffic at all costs. Thus they are constantly devising all sorts of methods to get their sites ranked highlky. Even as search engines are devising all sorts of methods to keep search engine results as accurate and useful as possible.

This collision course is the main cause of grief for many webmasters who frequently face a nightmare of colossal proportions. Imagine waking up in the morning and finding that all your traffic has been wiped out simply because some new rule introduced by a search engine knocked you clean off your high ranking perch, literally overnight. A position that cost you dearly both in terms of dollars and time spent working on your SEO.

Little wonder that more and more webmasters and site owners are embracing non-SEO traffic generation options. Actually a vast majority is combining both SEO and non-SEO methods to limit the chances of having all their valuable targeted traffic wiped out overnight.

Non SEO Blog Magic

There are actually several non-SEO ways a blog can generate tons of regular traffic for you. However the most effective is related to the use of opt-in email lists.

An opt-in email list is an email list created from visitors to a site who ask to receive regular emails and updates on a particular subject that is close to their hearts but also closely related to the site. An opt-in email list is more valuable than gold. It is a list of targeted visitors to your site, prepared to receive regular email from you telling them about new developments at the site, so that they can re-visit often. You can also tell them about products and services related to their interests. There are people who earn a pretty good living doing just this. They usually end up selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product from a single simple email to a list of a few thousand.

A blog is one of the most effective ways of creating an opt-in email list quickly. One of the reasons for this is that blogs usually receive lots of visitors. Obviously not all visitors will sign up to be on your opt-in email list, but the more visitors you receive, the quicker you'll be able to build your opt-in email list, even if just a tiny fraction end up on your opt-in email list. An opt-in email list is many times more effective in generating tons of regular traffic, including regular repeat visits than SEO is. No search engine ranking can compete with opt-in email lists. To start with lists will usually be a lot more targeted than the masses of traffic received from search engines. So how do you create an opt-in email list quickly and how do you use it to generate traffic?

Non-SEO Ways To Huge Traffic Using Blogs

Non-SEO Ways To Huge Traffic Using Blogs

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