Animal Statue - The Perfect Gift!

Animal Statue - The Perfect Gift!

The Perfect Gift For Anyone

An animal statue can be the perfect gift for a friend who is a nature or animal lover. Many people have pets that they are particularly fond of, and also there are many people who have collections of different types of animals as a hobby. Did you know that according to some, each animal represents a different character trait, and when you give it as a gift you can send a message to the recipient about something special that you may see in them? Or you can just give an animal statue as a gift because is fun or beautiful, and you think the recipient will enjoy the statue. Here is a list of animals and some of the characteristics that they represent.

Unique Meanings And Characteristics

Ant: These animals are seen as hard workers, community minded and patient. They are also virtuous, thrifty and they are good planners because they have foresight. A boss or co-worker, or even an employee might like this animal statue.

Bear: Many people have collections of teddy bears, but a statue of a bear could represent harmony, divinity, healing and stamina.

Cat: There are many cat lovers out there who are almost fanatic about their feline friends-an animal statue might be the perfect way to show them that you understand. Cats represent independence, cunning, strength, aloofness, and agility.

Coyote: This mysterious desert-dweller was extremely popular for southwest décor. It represents a cunning trickster who is creative and likes to have fun.

Deer: An animal statue of a deer would be a perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. The deer is seen as a symbol of grace, gentleness, love and safety. A stag also represents a warrior.

Dog: Maybe even more loyal than cat lovers are the dog lovers. You can probably guess that dogs represent loyalty protection, service, friendship, companionship and understanding and unconditional love. The best thing about this animal statue is that you can probably even find the breed that the person owns.

Fox: This animal is much like the cunning and crafty coyote. But, it can also represent shyness, wisdom and adaptability.

Frog: You will find many people that collect frogs for a hobby. An animal statue of a frog is fun because many are depicted by artists in a humorous way. You can also find realistic interpretations as well.They represent good luck, new beginnings, prosperity, creativity, and long life.

Horse: Many children as well as adults love horses. You can even find an animal statue of a horse that is made specifically for collection by children. Horses symbolize strength, beauty, agility, support, faithfulness, endurance, unconditional support, and overcoming obstacles.

Lion: When you think of a lion you may picture a majestic animal statue that graces the front of a palace or mansion. They represent strength, calmness, regality, and courage.

Mouse: This tiny animal represents shyness, organization, stealth, silence, and attention to detail.

Jaguar/Panther: If you want to add a sense of the exotic or mystical, this may be the perfect gift for you. It represents stealth, healing, perseverance, and beauty.

Rabbit: Understandably this animal represents fertility, but also long-life and quick-thinking.

Raccoon: Represents curiosity, playfulness, creativity, and adaptability.

Snake: A snake statue would represent sexuality, knowledge, creation, and wisdom.

Tiger: Tigers are a common mascot because they represent ferocity, tenacity, quick action, regality, and fearlessness.

Wolf: Once thought of as the loners of the animal kingdom, these animals actually represent family, cooperation, teaching, and loyalty along with insight, individuality and freedom.

When you give a gift, it is nice to attach a meaning to it. With a personally selected statue you can do that.

Animal Statue - The Perfect Gift!

Animal Statue - The Perfect Gift!

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