News Releases - The Marketing Tool That Can Drive Huge Traffic Quickly!

News Releases - The Marketing Tool That Can Drive Huge Traffic Quickly!

Internet news releases are the key to getting a quick flow of traffic to your web site.

Whilst Internet news releases can drive traffic, very few web sites use them as part of their Internet marketing strategy, as they think they're too expensive and just for larger companies.

Internet news releases are for ALL companies, large or small, and they are surprisingly cost effective. They are similar to the press releases sent to newspapers and magazines - only we're using the more cost effective version - web, or Internet news releases.

Press Releases - Why they don't Work

A press release is of very little value to you - a web address in the newspaper or on the radio, requires the potential site visitor to write the information down and visit later, when they're at their computer. It simply doesn't work like that

If they're not already at their computer, looking for what you have to offer, and able to get it by simply clicking a link, then they're not interested!

What they do

A web news release can be similar to an article, but it's put together differently, as it's targeted at the journalists that provide content for Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News, etc.

Nothing released onto the Internet ever goes away, so you may get traffic over a long time span, but we are aiming for a lot of traffic over a short time span - we expect most of the traffic will arrive within 3 to 7 days of submission to the various news release web sites.

Like keyword articles, a news release is re-distributed via .XML feeds, so they will also appear in blogs, and in the news section of a wide variety of web sites.

Get a Traffic Surge

The web, or Internet news release has a shorter life span than an article, but the traffic can come in a large surge, whereas an article will bring in a steady stream of visitors over a long time span.

A good news release, which catches the imagination of news websites, can see traffic of tens or even hundreds of thousands.

How to Write a Good News Release

Of course, your news release needs to be of interest to viewers to get visits to your website, so what makes a good one?

· Something topical that people are interested in

· Something that has a high perceived value, that you are giving away for free

· Something that you have that is unique

The fact is, most websites can put out something to catch the public's imagination, but they haven't thought about it!

A good Internet marketing company can draft, and distribute a web release that will pull traffic.

Cost Effective

The cost of an Internet news release is very low - not the $2,000 US dollars charged by many press release agencies, in most cases it's just a few hundred dollars!

Targeting news release sites is one of the most cost effective, if not the most cost effective way of marketing on the Internet.

News Releases - The Marketing Tool That Can Drive Huge Traffic Quickly!

News Releases - The Marketing Tool That Can Drive Huge Traffic Quickly!

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