Diet Pill -- No Magic Cure

Diet Pill -- No Magic Cure

If you have thought about using a diet pill to lose weight, you should think again. In the U.S., people have become obsessed with weight-everyone wants to be thin. Yet, the obesity rate in the country is higher than ever before and it is getting worse. People want to lose weight, but they don't want to have to work for it through eating less and exercising more. As a result of this attitude many people are turning to the use of a diet pill to help them lose weight. If you look in nearly any newspaper or magazine you will find ads for these pills. But, are they really the "magic bullet" that people are looking for?

Even though you can buy diet aids over the counter at drug stores, grocery stores, and health food stores, most are not approved by the FDA. This means that the diet pill on the shelf has not been proven effective or safe for weight loss through long-term studies.

Most over the counter diet drugs work in one of three ways. They suppress your appetite so that you are not hungry, speed up your metabolism (with caffeine or ephedra) so that you burn calories more quickly, or hinder the absorption of food so that it goes through you more quickly.

Some Of The Possible Risks And Side Effects Of Using A Diet Pill Might Include:

o Tightness of chest

o Headaches

o Anxiety

o Heart Attack

o Fever

o Insomnia

o Heat palpitations

o Hair loss

o Nervousness

o Sweating

o Feeling of restlessness

o Loss of Sex Drive

o Heart failure

o Stroke

o Loss of menstrual cycle

o Dizziness

o And many more!

If this does not convince you of the possible dangers of using a diet pill-you should also know that they can be extremely addictive and because of this some people overdose on them in order to try to speed up the process. This can be dangerous and possibly fatal

If you suffer from severe obesity, or if you have concerns about a recent unexplained weight gain, one of the best things that you can do rather than take a diet pill is to visit your doctor. They will have healthful suggestions to help you to lose weight, and may be able to find an underlying cause if something is truly not right. They can also prescribe a safe alternative diet drug to those you might see over the counter.

To find more information about the dangers of using a diet pill you can go online and find pages and pages. You can also find healthy diet suggestions that really will help you to lose weight safely without a diet pill.

Diet Pill -- No Magic Cure

Diet Pill -- No Magic Cure

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