Legal Interview Questions

Legal Interview Questions

I'd describe legal interview questions as ones that might appear a bit iffy but are actually acceptable depending on the specific job or industry you are interviewing for and depending on where you live and employment laws that apply.

Some of the legal interview questions you can be asked might be ones we've already discussed on this site. Some questions might simply be part of the interview process to help the employer gauge your suitability for the position and your suitability to join the company and will enquire about your:

  • Work experience and how it relates to the job
  • Education and/or relevant certifications or training
  • Ability and propensity to travel
  • Ability to work overtime, shift work and/or weekends
  • Ability to legally work in the country
  • Criminal record (if any).
  • Again, local laws might dictate what constitutes legal interview questions and which questions are off limits.

    Some of these questions might be necessary depending on your industry and level of position.

    If you are interviewing for a job in a different country, you will need to gain the legal ability to work in that country first so this is obviously a concern for a potential employer if gaining this status might take you months or years.

    If you were interviewing for a position that involved security clearance, any criminal record would obviously be an important consideration for the hiring company.

    These are just two legal interview questions that might be crucial to you getting a particular job or joining a particular company.

    Before you attend an interview, try to have a clear idea of possible legal interview questions that you might be asked given the job you are applying for, and given the industry you work in.

    Legal Interview Questions

    Legal Interview Questions

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