Lost In The Shuffle - The Cartoon Was True

Lost In The Shuffle - The Cartoon Was True

Racism is when you show hatred for a particular religious group. What if that religion is a religion of hate, commanding the slaughter of all Christian and Jewish men, women and children in return for eternal paradise in Heaven with God Himself, 72 virgins, crystal clear springs, and unlimited wine with no side effects? (Koran Sura chapter 9:29-30 and Sura chapter 56, "The Event, Mecca in the Sky). Is it not OK to hate hate? Is it not OK to shine the light of truth on hate? Is it not OK to ridicule and curse and satirize and speak out against hate? If the Prophet Muhammad is responsible for these verses, then he should be satirized. These verses are the direct cause of 911.

By the same token, imagine this cartoon in your mind. George Bush dressed as the Pope, in a stealth bomber, dropping the big one on Tehran. In retaliation for 911, George W. Bush publicly declared to the world, that he was launching a Crusade. The Crusades were a thousand years ago, when the Pope led his Christian army across Europe, massacring every Jew on his way to reclaiming the Holy Land, until he stood knee deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. In the Holy Christian Bible, it says that when Jesus returns, he will command all of his angels to take every last non Christian man, woman and child and throw them into the fire, because they are real live devils, with horns coming out of their heads, and tails and cloven feet. (Matthew 13: 36-43). Now, if Jesus Christ is responsible for the Christian Holy Bible, then he should be satirized.

Imagine this cartoon in your mind. A long bearded Jewish Rabbi is sitting at the controls of a stealth bomber about to drop a bomb capable of shattering the entire globe named Earth. The Old Testament Psalm 2 says that when the Jewish Messiah comes, he will take a rod of iron and crush every last non Jewish man, woman and child into a million pieces and conquer the World for Judaism. If God of Mount Sinai said this, then he should be ridiculed. The irony is that Christianity adopted the Old Testament into their Holy Bibles as did Islam and now all 3 religions believe that when the Messiah arrives on Delta flight 929, he will crush all non believers like a potter's vessel into a billion pieces, because they read it in Psalm 2 of their Holy Bible, and the people are now following that lead.

As you can see, as long as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam exist, there can never be Peace on Earth, ever. Their Holy Bibles forbid it. This is a small sample of the countless Divine commandments in these Holy Bibles to commit the genocide of all non believers.

The dirty little secret of these 3 powerful religions leading you all into nuclear world war III against each other, is that right in these Holy Bibles, God of Mount Sinai Himself, aka God the Father, Allah and Elohim, through every Biblical Prophet including Jesus Christ, called the Holy Bibles except for the 10 commandments complete and utter feces. God called the Holy Bibles feces, (Malachi 2:1-3), and vomit, (Isaiah 28:7-15) written by ignorant drunken Bible Writers getting their prophecies from Satan Himself and then signing them "God", forging God's signature all over their own hate filled commandments. (Ezekiel 13:1-22). God called these Holy Bibles except for His 10 commandments and these 3 Religions except for God's 10 commandments "a shelter of lies and falsehoods that would cause the people to fall backwards and be broken and ensnared and taken", exactly what is happening today. (Isaiah 28:9-13). Now is the calm before the storm of nuclear world war III, Armageddon, which as every nuclear scientist knows will have no survivors. Jesus Christ agreed, and called the Holy Bibles except for the 10 commandments, deadly poison, leading us all into the fire, and he called the Bible Writers demonic venomous snakes spewing their hatred into your Holy Bibles. (Matthew 23). Jesus Christ was the biggest heretic and blasphemer ever.

According to God right in the Holy Bibles the Holy Bibles except for the 10 commandments are idols, the work of human hands. With regards to the cartoon, God carved in stone that human beings are not to be idolized or revered. This is Islam's whole problem with Christianity which reveres Jesus, and now Islam is revering and idolizing Muhammad. Where does it say, and who said it, that there must not be depictions of Muhammad? It doesn't. Islam adopted the New Testament into their Holy Scripture, and there are countless depictions of Jesus, who is also the Muslim Messiah, (Koran Sura 3:40-43). There a countless paintings of Jesus Christ despite the fact that the Holy Bible does not contain one single word of description of Him.

Now, it would appear from all of this that the writing is on the wall and we are all now going to follow these 3 Holy Bibles right into the nuclear fires of extinction. But, the game isn't over until it's over. In the greatest irony ever, the map out of this mess is contained right in your Holy Bibles and it has been right under your noses for 3,200 years. If you would like a look at it, and the way for us to make Peace on Earth forever and save the world, then take a look at The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion; that is if you can take a short break away from your comic books to save life on Earth from extinction at human hands in the very near future. What you certainly need least at this time is a ban on people speaking up against hatred. This would just allow the hatred to metastasize until life on Earth is no more. The hatred must be cut out, and it must be cut out now. It is a good thing to hate hate, and to speak out against it and satirize it. This is how we achieve freedom from hatred which leads to genocide and our extinction.

Hatred + Hunger + Nuclear Bombs = Extinction. The only way to get a different Total is to change the Terms of the equation. If you ban speaking out against hatred no matter where it resides and leave it unchallenged, then it will spread until you are no more. The only way to end hate is for people to shine the light on it and speak out against it, saying that it must be replaced by Peace and Love in order for us to survive in a Nuclear Age. War has become obsolete. It no longer works. Nuclear World War III will have no survivors. Our only way out is through World Peace and this will never be achieved by burying our heads in the sand like ostriches so that no one can see us for the hateful people we are who have signed our own racist hatreds "God".

God carved in stone, "Don't Murder", and "Don't bear false witness against people" by calling them Devils to be feared and hated and massacred because they are not in your group, and "Don't take God's name in vain and sign it to your own fears and hatreds." We are the ones who have buried the Word of our own God in the sand, because we thought we knew better. We were wrong and soon every nation will see just how wrong. It will be infinitely worse than your worse nightmare unless we all speak out against hate and war and lies beginning right now. All of us are combinations of good and evil, no matter what our religion. You know that. Use your own mind to think now, and use your own mouth and pen and keyboard and drawing pad to shine the light on and end hatred right now.

It is OK to hate hate, and to satirize hate. It is essential in order to eliminate the hate which will soon lead us all to genocide and then to the extinction of life on Earth in the very near future unless we replace hatred with love right now by speaking out against the hate.

Lost In The Shuffle - The Cartoon Was True

Lost In The Shuffle - The Cartoon Was True

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