How To Make More Sales - Use Condensed Milk

How To Make More Sales - Use Condensed Milk

Christmas time is always a bad time for my family - when it comes to eating.

There is always so much to eat and it tastes just divine... overeating really can't be helped.

And then comes January when we are all on serious detox programmes.

This year was no different, of course.

But with the rushing out to buy all the healthiest, bestest, most organic foods we could find, we found ourselves running out of cupboard space to pack all this healthy stuff.

And at the back of one of our healthy cupboards I discovered... yes - lurking in the darkness in a corner - a tin of condensed milk.

What to do?

That tin had been in the cupboard for about 6 months, completely hidden away and unused.

But now - it could not stay there anymore.

It was sure to lead us into temptation - it had to go!!!

But where to put it?

I couldn't throw it away!

Eventually, after a long hard think, the only available spot I could find was a little opening on a shelf right above our kettle.

And that was where I left it.

Now - for the big question.

The tin had been hiding in the cupboard for 6 months.

How long do you think it lasted out in the open just above the kettle (a place that gets visited at least 10 times a day for various coffee and tea breaks...)

Take a guess.

How long do you think?

Well, I am ashamed to say that the answer is... a whole 4 days.

So what in the heck does my sweet tooth have to do with your business?

An immense amount actually.

Think about this - the tin of condensed milk never tried to sell itself to me.

No hard sell involved.

It wasn't being pushy.

In fact - it didn't even say a word.

But what did it do?

Nothing - it was just there.

It was creating an awareness.

And eventually, when I was ready, I HAD to give in.

In your business, do you have a plan in place to stay in contact regularly with your customers and your potential customers.

Remember - you don't have to sell to them for them to buy from you.

You simply have to be in their awareness all the time.

Once a week, once a month.

But whatever you do, never drop the ball.

Eventually when they are ready for you (and if you are in their top-of-mind awareness), then you are the only person they will come to.

Put in place a 7-point system to stay in contact (over the next 7 weeks or whatever works for you), and then stick to that system.

You'll be amazed by how clever a tin of condensed milk actually is.

How To Make More Sales - Use Condensed Milk

How To Make More Sales - Use Condensed Milk

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