Get A Tougher Skin!

Get A Tougher Skin!

Writing poetry or any other kind of writing is a very personal experience. Writers dig through their hearts and beliefs to put words on paper or cyber-space. Some do this casually, some are serious writers who want to gain the strength in their writing that might lead to writing for money.
Personally, I have written for a plethora of reasons, the present goal being paid publication. After years of honing, learning, being rejected, being accepted and then being paid, I have formed some solid opinions on writing.

What I tell hopeful writers are, of course, my own thoughts, not sanctified by any artist or editor or publisher. This is your blood you are sweating, your ideas and beliefs that you are tenderly sharing with another being. Stephen King tells us in his book, On Writing that he doesn't fuss with story plots, layouts - he sits down and writes. That is also my method. When my fingers touch that keyboard my muse rouses itself and I type what it dictates.

One thing I urge young writers, or new writers to do is concentrate on your writing. Don't worry about what other writers are doing, what sort of books they churn out. . . if you compare yourself to a particular writer and then judge your work by theirs, you are making a serious mistake. I am not Stephen King, though many compare my work to his, I do not sit down and say to myself, "Now what would Mr. King write?" Write what comes from you.
It is of no interest to me to join a writer's group, although that might be the ideal thing for you. I am a solitary person. I write what I write and am very careful about the opinion of others on my work.

Think about it carefully, for you might gain ideas, friends and improve your writing, but it is no guarantee. Ask yourself first what weight you will give to the opinions of others. If you are easily influenced, you might find your work sounding more like someone else's. If you are centered and strong, then you can avoid being molded into a box.
There are poetry sites on the internet where you can post your work and get feedback from others. These are my least favorite places. You must ask yourself what makes a reader any better than you. Whose critique means that much to you. Then ask yourself, how good is this person, what skills do they have that cause me to adopt their suggestions. It's a dangerous tightrope. What you write is YOURS, deep and personal to you. If you are rejected, you don't give it all up then, you gulp, accept it and submit it somewhere else.

Remember above all, don't pin your worth on anyone's opinion, keep writing and submitting. Do your very best work and believe in yourself. It's a tough arena, only the tough survive.

Get A Tougher Skin!

Get A Tougher Skin!

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