Tales Of Poseidonia: The Kings Reprieve (Part XII)

Tales Of Poseidonia: The Kings Reprieve (Part XII)

Port of Poseidonia: The Kings Reprieve
[Revenge, the Tiamat and the Tor]

Let us not all believe Atlantis and its demonic forces, and Hell with its hidden secrets, and dark powers, and the cosmos did not use them in all dimensions, to subdue humanity and the universe. And this sketch will bring forth, one of them. XII


The land of Hades, ruled by all the powerful demonic cells, forces: all in an orderly fashion: team work (or at least most of the time it was team work) --for the most part, --governed by Lucifer himself, whom was seldom there, governed through Agaliarept, and via Belphegor: whom both signed off on the Reprieve for Phrygian. All the aristocratic, demonic Seers from Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis, from the beginnings of their breeding, and breathing of humanity, they all voted for his reprieve; even the Tiamat, the goddess demigod and evil doer of the seas, the gulf river of Hades, of all the waters in the solar system, on earth in Hell.

--Who, I say are the heroes of these episodes, the flashing bayonet of pride, the shinning star among the rest, the hero, this long period of time (this Atlantis story) of the Port of Poseidonia, listlessly I could not find one name, not one to take the honor; but as time goes on we shall see who beats the odds, if that that is possible, and then we shall find our hero. For if anything, we are watching the outcast of the world, trying to dominate and devour the world, and ending up in the harsh, awesome macabre beauty of the dead, emancipated from the physical world, to be incarcerated by the invisible world. The old king of Atlantis tried hard to keep his composure for the past thirty years, keep his imagination at white heat, one might say, so as not to lose his mind. And so he did just that. The Tiamat at present is in the deepest part of the Gulf of Hades.

In the land where Mount Hades is, a section of Hell, where Phrygian resides, Agaliarept has now decided to grant the pardon, and in doing so, make the old king an emissary, to Hell's impulsive desires.

Says Agaliarept happily:

"You must bow to me now, now in front of all those around these mountains, and hills and water and fires, that know you snug in its cradle, and when we get back to the dock so they all know I have rewarded you likewise you must proclaim you have been duly punished, and you still respect my command."

Agaliarept, thinking this was no big thing, was surprised when he hesitated, looked with a despiritualized emptiness, as if he might say no, said the ex-king of Atlantis,

"Agaliarept, Henchman to Lucifer, and guardian of Hell, I request one thing if I am to be loyal to you, and accept my so called liberation from this dreadful existence (Agaliarept's eyes opening up two fold, looking like golf balls, said 'what!!' as Phrygian rattled on), I want Aon (the seahorse), I want him under my control."

This was more involved, thought Agaliarept as he paced, and agreed, not quite knowing how this was going to take place but he had a plan. Plus he liked the part that he wanted revenge for him subduing his wife, knowing know, it was the second time. He wanted him brought back to the gates of hell, tied to his old watery chariot, tied to the docks of hell.

The king knew he was simply a charismatic hippocampus, a wild nymph if you will, and to be able to go on in hell with some pride, this had to be settled, how else anyone could respect him. He was a handsome creature thought the king; nonetheless, revenge has no time for beauty pageants.

"You do realize Phrygian," said Agaliarept, upon them approaching the dock area, where he and Belphegor sat at their table, watched the incoming guests, as they called them sometimes: disembark, walk though the heavy gates, there Agaliarept and the old king showed up,

"You do realize we can not order your wife, Ais, to come with us?"

No, Phrygian did not realize that, he took it for granted: take one, and take the in the process. It showed on his face; said Agaliarept again:

"We do not have the power over her, she came to Hades with free will, should she come to the docks of hell, and chose to stay here, she would be incarcerated here, but I doubt this would be the story."

The two demonic leaders looked at Phrygian's face, and then nodded their heads for him to kneel, and he did.

"Now," said Belphegor, "although I am the king of all the demonic forces, I do not have full authority without good reason to order the Tiamat to capture Aon for us, and it will take her to do so. Should she deny my request, it would be to her disadvantage, yet she could, she is a moody beast at best, and a menace to boot, but a deal is a deal. So I will ask for this favor, should you fail me I will bury you under Mount Hades for the next 10,000-years!"

Having said that, the two demon found that Ais and Aon were by the old underwater mountain, where Atlantis was, and not far from there was a place called Limbo, not many got to go there, but sometimes those coming into the boats, disappeared, and the oarsman often thought that that was where they went, a woman with a candle stick would appear for just a moment, and they'd disappear. Should either one even know about Limbo, but surely, Aon was not eligible, if even Ais was. Nonetheless, Belphegor found the Tiamat, and brought forth his request.

"You do realize Belphegor, I will request something from you in the future, should I do this task you ask!" She was monstrously huge, green and leafy like with scales, a long thick tail (half partly male, mostly female): looked similar to an erect alligator, or some prehistoric creature. But she being faced with a direct order almost, found it hard to deny Belphegor, should she want to, and it didn't seem as if she wanted to, it seemed more as if she wanted a favor in the future.

Thought Belphegor, in retrospect, she had done little for him in the past, it was about time he show his authority, yet he didn't want to upset the balance of power, should Lucifer know he was going through all this to satisfy one man, it might not look too good. Yet, Belphegor had plans for the cleaver old king that hid from him for a thousand years.

The Tiamat,
And Avalon

As Phrygian awaited his reward to be, have, command, to own Aon--to be brought back to the dock by the Tiamat, his heart was racing, the thought being: could this really be true: sweat revenge, 'poetic justice:'

As the king waited, he remembered the days of Avalon, many of the spiritual leaders of Atlantis, that didn't follow the ways of necromancies, sought refuge on a mount called the Tor of Avalon, and a small village was near by Glastonbury, in England. The Tor was somewhat constructed by two giants of it day, Gog and Magog, so they called themselves. Its history went back 40,000-years, or possibly even 70,000. Thus, they'd escape to this misty and enchanting area to where the underground wells circled the Tor, which had tunnels through out it; and often times to hide from the few that found their way there, and searched the tunnels, never returned, they would collapse on them, mysteriously collapse and bury them alive.

(Eventually, Atlantis had to give up, what it could not rule, by simple exhaustion. It could not maintain its armies, its dominance over the population, for as it grew, it also became more independent; and therefore cumbersome for Atlantis to regulate; hence, they gave up what is know known as the British Isles during Phrygian's rulership; got themselves out of its clutches before it drained them of everything, making them weaker in all aspects. But that was also the time the Empire [like all Empires] was descending within itself, and to the world outside its doors. It would seem no empire was ordained to rule forever, perhaps for a while, like the Greeks, and Romans, and now the Americans, as he was going into their history.)


The Tiamat
And Aon

All of a sudden the Tiamat, the huge unsensuous creature, with the evil counsel watching at the docks, emerged from the water with the head of the Hippokamp in her hand,

"My pleasure," she bellowed as if he was a string hanging half beaten by her [laughing].

"Ah! Wonderful! Wonderful! said the king of Atlantis.

Said Agaliarept, with a smirk all the way to his forehead, king, Belphegor,

"I see she has danced for you?" Belphegor did not gloat, but took a deep pride in the fact she did.

The Tiamat had female as well as male organs: from this point, she threw the Hippokamp on the stone dock like a dead fish as she announced,

[Looking at Phrygian] "Yes, the wear is delicious. Come, Phrygian, I will make babies with you, demonic babies," and she slipped back into the water laughing crazily. She must have been twenty-feet tall, a thousand pounds or more, thought the King of Atlantis.

"Back!" said the old king, to Aon, "trader to me," he said nothing back, save for the fact, the powerful other forces were looking at him, and should he defend himself, it would be horrible and hideous to see what plastered their evil scorpion minds could manufacture; some loathsome things. Hell always wanted to test you, and then give you the consequences, much like the cluster of evil doers on earth.

"I fear it is impossible not to watch you everyday, I cannot have you cast into some lonesome pit, I want you tied by the neck to the dock like a dog, and should you move too far this way or that way you will strangle yourself--like a dog tied to a rope, but you will be able to sleep on your knees." [A pause.] "What is that you say," added the king, for Aon said not a word, but Phrygian wanted to provoke him, but wise was Aon, for he knew the king better than the king knew himself. The drama was over; he was willing to take his punishment for what it was worth, what else he could do. There was really no fun in watching someone being punished with a flat affect to his face and limbs.

Tales Of Poseidonia: The Kings Reprieve (Part XII)

Tales Of Poseidonia: The Kings Reprieve (Part XII)

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