Tales Of Poseidonia: Sanctification Of Power (Part: XIII)

Tales Of Poseidonia: Sanctification Of Power (Part: XIII)

Port of Poseidonia: Sanctification of Power

Let us not all believe Atlantis and the underworld did not have its demonic forces or secrets, and dark powers, for it surely did. And this sketch will bring forth, some of them--in the depths of Hell and its boundaries. XIII

Archeknight of Doom

Said Agaliarept [in his arrogant and assured manner], "Are you ready King of Atlantis our new Archeknight of Doom?" He had said that to many of the kings that found their way into his Hell, even after he had befriended them like he had Phrygian on earth, assuming it was alright for him to do so, since it was his nature to, and it wasn't all right for Phrygian, and could complain should he not keep his word.

"Ready for what," he looked at Agaliarept, I mean the new Archeknight looked at Agaliarept, was now his glorious day to become one of them, he smiled as much of a smile he could,

"For the injection of power," I Phrygian, had power, it was taken away. What is power if it can be taken away, I mean away like a fish out of a pool, taken out and thrown back in. He thought about that for a moment, tired of being a nobody, in the underworld, and he knew an assignment was forthcoming, he had got his revenge on the Hippokamp, Aon, and he was given a title; ah, not king though, that he had, but for a brief moment on earth, as everything is but a brief fleeting moment on earth.

"Come here," said Belphegor, he was standing by Agaliarept, on the dock, by his ancient table, both sitting as if they were tax collectors.

And so he did, and did it like a good squire would, putting on a countenance that would have fooled even Tyr.


They both Belphegor and Agaliarept grabbed Phrygian's hands all hands folded together, as if it was a brotherhood shake, but it shook that section of the dock, the internal forces within them, now being generated into Phrygian's being. His insides felt as if he was melting, all of them melting together, all breathing together, and his and their strength was locked into his shadowy form. Was this what it is like to have such power, I mean unbending power, power that is almost magical, to the upper world, it is called supernatural. Phrygian shook as the hands grabbed tighter around his wrists; and through all this he stood stone-still, only closing his eyes as if they were about to roll back anyways, so he saved them a trip. How would I need this power; how would they expect me to use it? I got the hows but nothing else. Phrygian's mind was racing, racing--jumping almost into a melt down, then the two pulled their hands off the old king. With this power he not only could venture on earth, but should he want, or need to venture into the cosmos, he could do so. But the old king knew, what ever is given, can be taken away, it was a hard lesson learned in life, but it was so.

Now stepping back to get his composure, Phrygian shook all over, kind of trying to clear his head. His lips were compressed he had to try to pry them apart; his brow twitched still, yet with all this his strength was ten fold, he could feel it being so, but still seemed fatigued, as if he had sex for several hours. He wanted to lie down, but dare not show weakness, not now; he was being given privileges beyond the norm. Yes, the power serge was overwhelming, but now he'd be able to regenerate by a peculiar process [which I shall tell you about latter, should he allow me to].

Ais and Anases

Queen Ais was with Anases by Atlantis' watery grave, contemplating futuristic moves, what was her best move, she had asked herself: "I know I should seek out this Limbo place..." Anases being known for his wisdom and knowledge said with a passing sigh of his breath Ais holding his hand as if she was in need of advice:

It's a dusty looking disk (Limbo), or so I've heard, a remnant of a spiral Galaxy, twisted inside of a giant Elliptical galaxy, it is Centaur's, or so I've heard it called NGC 5128, or will be called such in future time. This disk like mini galaxy, a sheet of gauze dust from a former galaxy makes a good camouflage that is why it has been hidden from demons and Satan himself cannot find it, or angelic supernatural beings. Within this forbidden Galaxy, within a galaxy, that drifted into Centaur. A's gravitational grip, it did this some 200,000 million years ago, resides old stars and the dusk hides the planets, or in your case, the planet called Limbo, which is in the shape of a star-planet. It has been said somehow it sank into the centered of the bigger galaxy, thus Limbo sank into its center. Should we go there, or should we even be allowed to go there, it would be better than here.


"Ha-h-h-ow!" prolonged Agaliarept, plaintively--as they all let go of each others hands, then looking at Phrygian's to see his reaction. "Sorry about the big surge," said Belphegor, with a vindictive grin (apologetically, with a suspiciously jovial tone to his hiss).

Said Phrygian [qualitatively]:

"Thanks!" which came out of his mouth with a petulant overtone. He now took a few minutes to observe them for they had been doing that for quite a long time, eyeing him up. What do they want of me, surely more than I want to give; look at them with their sardonic expressions. As the king was trying to figure out the oncoming demands to be made of him, his form took on a deeper looking flesh, on his legs, hips and arms. The outlay of wrinkles he once had had gone away, his face suddenly was more smooth, not like the two sitting at the table, they were permanently damaged, their face, body, everything. He was at this present moment, a disappointed man, for he knew he made his mistakes, but must he live miserable at a loss, and within vanities hid within his pocket the rest of eternity? That was his thoughts, his unanswered questions: questions he dare not ask anyone, lest he be taken serious, and brought back to Mount Hades.

New Found Power and

"Me and my crazy ole Atlantis," he began, "me and my crazy Ais--"

'You got revenge,' murmured someone, thing in the back of his mind.

'You showed Aon; and now Ais has no lover.'

Phrygian gazed coolly about. Tyr was standing by laughing. He got no further with his laugh, for Phrygian hauled off and hit him concisely in the nose.

"Yew!" he shouted, thinking, 'I showed the big bully.'

Tyr looked strangely into the old Kings eyes, then at Agaliarept and Belphegor. For the first time the old king of Atlantis realized the insuperable power he had, and liked it; Tyr being passionately detested him for it; and so he just gazed around helplessly at the glowing, yet violent hostile faces of the three, then flew off.

Agaliarept like what he saw in the old king, it was not a coward, but a fighter; it would seem every waking moment the king spent at Mt. Hades was in that punch, the revenge for Tyr's witticisms he had to endure; the ugly mannerisms he encountered. His unpopularity and turned about faces.


Phrygian was a snob by all means, by nature and reality, but he put on a show with considerable spirit and spunk if you will (realizing it is better to be an actor than a reactor); and he despised those who were just snobs to be snobs without having any spunk behind them, and Agaliarept had spunk and Tyr did not. When the chips were down, so was Tyr, and he'd go hide, as he did with the punch in the nose--go hide; this Phrygian despised. The only respect he could give Tyr was a 'tallyho, farewell, and goodbye.' And as he did so--Tyr, embarrassed as he was--all six eyes glared at the barbarian, and with lips curled slightly, he was the object of scorn, despicable, affected, humiliated, and one could see the snobbishness reeking out of the old king, but to him it was good breeding snobbyness, in a dictatorial way, Tyr's was a gutter snobbyness to him, undeserved.

Tales Of Poseidonia: Sanctification Of Power (Part: XIII)

Tales Of Poseidonia: Sanctification Of Power (Part: XIII)

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