Positive Aspects Behind Problem-Crazing

Positive Aspects Behind Problem-Crazing

Have you ever wondered why our existing world is too sophisticated! If not, now try to develop this philosophical initiative.

From the very primitive society when and where slaughtering was considered as an entertainment to today's world when and where animal is, by law and custom, equalized to us as the human person. So what are secrets behind this development?

One of the most concrete answers to why our world turned unbelievably complicated is the "always-on-the move problem." To me, "problem is the highest law for mental sophistication and civilization."

The reality of natural change: natural disaster and catastrophe (the problem) has inspired human to start fighting against this livelihood barrier. Though human person during the primitive time was not mentally and materialistically sophisticated like us, but as his or her day-to-day problem eventuated, he or she started to think of the ways to hand off or at lease ease the problem. Thinking of the ways to fight the obstacle, has brought great progress in term of mentality as well as the changing the status quo.

The same case applies to us in this twenty-first century. Mental and cultural clash, unique differences between human persons and individual states, politics of power and prosperity imbalance, gender imbalance, the evils of human mentality, clashed patriotism and other individual, individual-state, regional and global problems have brought us great challenges, in other word, sophistication and civilization.

Now, you see the positive aspect of always-existing problems. Everyone has problem, but not everyone can desirably solve his or her problem. Actually those who can solve the problem are the ones who is does not scare of the problem and always of the opinion that, "my problem was already existed upon another person and he or she already solved it, so why I can not solve it, because I am also human person endowed with mental strength and dignity!"

The purpose of this article is to make you not scare of the existing and past problem, because it is just the way of life that everyone; rich, poor, educated, illiterate, normal and disabled, have to face. Do you know that all of the truly intellectuals are, by experience, problematic?

And one of the reasons why the United States of America is materialistically and mentally sophisticated and civilized, because it has too many problems and, that is not enough, it is looking for more problems to be solved and will solve before we seen that they are the problems.

Positive Aspects Behind Problem-Crazing

Positive Aspects Behind Problem-Crazing

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