The Business Card Method To Meet & Attract Single Saleswomen

The Business Card Method To Meet & Attract Single Saleswomen

Here's a great way to meet and date hot & sexy single saleswomen. I call it, "The Business Card Method."

I'm sure you have been exposed to saleswomen when you're thinking about buying something, when coming into contact with saleswomen through your job or occupation, when looking for a car, house, or property to buy, in department stores, etc.

When these luscious single ladies try to sell you something, this presents a golden opportunity to get to know them and ask them out for a date or meet you for lunch or coffee.

It's so simple and easy to do and here's how to do it and get their phone number:

After she has made her sales pitch to sell you something, say something like this: "This really sounds like something I would be interested in - let's make sure we stay in touch. May I have your business card? Then she will give you her card and may ask for yours. If she doesn't ask for your card, don't offer it and I'll tell you why later.

The beauty of this method is that you have got her phone number, which she willingly gave to you. And guess what? You have their permission to contact them. Isn't this is great way to get her phone number?

So, what's your next move? Call her and briefly talk to her about what you were interested in buying. Just make up some questions. Keep it friendly and businesslike. Whatever you do, don't come on to her or act like a dog in heat.

After you hang up, mail her a personal note saying something like this:

Dear______________, It was such a pleasure talking to you on the phone today about........I was impressed by your professionalism and knowledge about......I really look forward to getting to know you better!

Signed, (your name)

If she did not ask for your business card upon your initial meeting, enclose your business card along with this personal note. Will she call you? Maybe, but don't get too concerned if she doesn't.

Your next step is to see her again after she's had time to receive her personal note. Act like you're still interested in purchasing whatever she is selling. Now is the time to ask her to meet you for lunch, dinner, or for a cup of coffee.

I know this is a kind of sneaky way to meet single women. But, all is fair in the game of love. You've got to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to meet, attract, and seduce single women.

With this method, you don't have an excuse for not scoring with all those beautiful, single saleswomen you'd give your left testicle to go out with.

The Business Card Method To Meet & Attract Single Saleswomen

The Business Card Method To Meet & Attract Single Saleswomen

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