Internet Marketing Tools: Part Ten Ebook Basics

Internet Marketing Tools: Part Ten Ebook Basics

One of the most powerful viral marketing tools used on the Internet is the ebook. An ebook is simply a group of files compressed into one downloadable file for distribution. This file can reside on your server and may be downloaded by your visitors an unlimited number of times. It requires no installation and will open on your visitors' desktop to display your information.

Ebooks are considered to be the "perfect" online marketing tool. Not only do they provide your visitors with something of value, but they also enable you to promote your products and services. With just one quality ebook development, you can produce an on going promotional tool that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come. Your ebook can literally be viewed by millions simply by giving it away and allowing it to be freely distributed.

The concept is simple. The idea is to create a powerful ebook that targets your potential customer. This ebook should identify a specific problem, and promote your products as the solution. This can be accomplished by providing information that teaches or informs with regard to the subject matter.

The key to using this technique effectively is to encourage others to distribute your ebook for you. If your ebook is good, fellow Internet marketers may be interested in offering it to their visitors. However, for massive distribution, give them a reason to want to offer it to their audience. Allow them to customize your ebook with their company name and web address.

When you create the pages for your ebook, you simply create the customizable fields, also known as variables, according to the ebook compiler instructions. These fields might look something like this:

This ebook was brought to you by:



However, keep in mind, you must have a special ebook compiler, as not all compilers provide this option.

When you purchase a compiler that allows customizations, you will also receive an additional 'branding' software. This software will be distributed with your ebook to enable your visitors to edit the customizable fields.

After your visitor downloads your ebook with the branding software, they simply load the software and edit the customizable fields. The fields you placed within your HTML will be instantly replaced with their information.

Another great way to use this powerful promotional method is to create an ebook that will be used as a 'free trial' version of your main ebook.

This free trial version should provide your readers with a preview of your full version ebook and contain instructions and a link for purchasing the full version.

To use your trial version as a viral marketing tool, simply set up an affiliate program (you can learn how by visiting my webiste) and create customizable affiliate links within your free trial that will enable your affiliates to customize the links.

Your customizable link might look something like this:

Click here to purchase ABC Ebook Today

By allowing your affiliates to customize your trial version ebooks with their affiliate link, they will receive a commission on any sales that may be generated through their link. Not only will this encourage your affiliates to distribute your trial ebook, but it will also provide massive distribution and increase your sales.

Creating a customizable ebook to use as a marketing tool is a highly effective way to obtain free promotion. If your ebook is good, it will have the potential to be viewed by millions.

Internet Marketing Tools: Part Ten Ebook Basics

Internet Marketing Tools: Part Ten Ebook Basics

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