Learn How To Shop For A Gas Grill

Learn How To Shop For A Gas Grill

Gas grills range in price from about $150 to well over $2,000. Generally, the larger
the grill and the more options it offers, the higher the price tag. Quality materials
and construction will also raise the purchase price.

Most of the higher-quality gas grills use stainless-steel parts, which last longer and
will not rust. Another choice to consider is the type of mounting you prefer.

Console carts with wheels let you move the gas grill around on your deck or patio,
while a pedestal base or post may be permanently mounted. Whichever type you
choose, be sure to look for a welded frame, which lends stability to the entire unit.

Barbecuing has become an all-American pastime. For many home, the gas grill has
emerged as the tool of choice for outdoor cooking surpassing charcoal for its ease
of use and consistent cooking.

Indoor grills don't involve the fuss of outdoor barbecues, and most come with
nonstick grids that make cleaning a simple task. There are two basic styles: Open
grills have a large, flat cooking surface. Contact grills are smaller, with a lid that can
close on top of the food, cooking both sides at once, or remain open to get double
the grilling area.

While the decision to grill may be a simple one, selecting a gas grill is a bit of a
challenge, especially when you consider the number of available options and price

Gas grills differ in the overall size, the number of burners, as well as in materials,
construction, and available cooking surface. Optional accessories include side
burners, warming racks, and additional shelving along the sides or in front of the
unit. This choice is usually one of personal preference. Grilling is done all year, but
is most popular during the spring and summer time.

Learn How To Shop For A Gas Grill

Learn How To Shop For A Gas Grill

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