Are You Afraid To Approach Beautiful Single Women?

Are You Afraid To Approach Beautiful Single Women?

This week I want to talk about beautiful single women and I'm talking about women who are extraordinarily beautiful. The kind that turn men's heads and make them drool. I'm sure you know the kind of woman I'm talking about.

So, does this kind of woman seem unapproachable to you? Does this kind of woman make you nervous and you think you wouldn't stand a chance to get a date with her?

Many men are intimidated by extremely beautiful single women and they don't even make an effort to approach them. They have bought into the following myths that are for the most part untrue:

  1. Beautiful single women are constantly getting all the attention that they could possibly want. This is simply not true because beautiful women get lonely just like any other ordinary woman.
  2. Because you're not handsome, beautiful women will not be interested in you. Not always true! Most women, in general, are more interested in your character and how good you treat them rather than how good-looking you are.
  3. Similar to the previous statement, it's a myth that beautiful single women will only date handsome hunks.
  4. Men wrongly assume that all beautiful single women already have a boyfriend, so it would be a waste of time to try and meet them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some women even don't date much because men are too afraid to approach them.
  5. All beautiful single women are self-centered, spoiled, stuck-up, gold digger bitches. Trust me, these traits are not just unique to them. Ugly and ordinary-looking women can possess these very same qualities. No matter what women look like they all have good and bad qualities.

In closing, don't be intimidated by beautiful women. Approach them just like you would any other women. After all they need love too and will be impressed that you had the balls to approach them and not intimidated by their looks.

Are You Afraid To Approach Beautiful Single Women?

Are You Afraid To Approach Beautiful Single Women?

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