Symptoms Of Troubled Teens

Symptoms Of Troubled Teens

Young adults who experience or suffer from any of the following (as stated below) maybe a troubled teen;

> Alcohol or drug abuse

> Depression

> ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

> Disrespect

> Poor academic performance

> Bad Attitude

> Display of negativity (physically or mentally)

> Teen pregnancy

> Suicide attempt

> Eating Disorder

There are 3 of the many theories about what causes kids to turn into troubled teens. The most likely of all ideas is that there is no one reason - it's a combination of reasons. These reasons are probably as varied as the kids experiencing problems. It's necessary to figure out what these reasons are so that troubled teens receive the individualized help they need.

Generally, troubled teens lose sight of their goals in life and some exert negative influences on others. Parents cannot afford to witness their children ruin their lives and others. There are many boarding schools, military schools, boot camps, wilderness programs, brat camp, religious programs, institutions etc. all over the nation that parents can send their kids to, in order to help these misguided young adults to reassess and regain control of their lives.

Only by pinpointing the cause of each teen's problems and then creating mutual effort between parents, school personnel, possible medical treatment, and the young adults themselves can troubled teens overcome difficulties and realize their full potential.

Symptoms Of Troubled Teens

Symptoms Of Troubled Teens

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