10 Tips For Writing A Press Release

10 Tips For Writing A Press Release

Publicity is the one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. It not only spreads the word about you, your products and services but it helps build credibility.

The media is flooded each day with news stories and events submitted by those hoping to get their press release aired. News editors don't have the time or the space to accept every story; therefore, they quickly scan the submissions and choose ones that catch their eye. Following these tips will help insure your news release gets accepted.

1. Your press release should sound like news, not an advertisement.

2. Tell a story and briefly mention your product or service within the body of that story.

3. Keep your story to one page in length. You take the chance of losing the reader's attention with anything longer.

4. Use short sentences and double-space your lines. White space is essential for easy reading.

5. Your header and first couple of sentences should grab the reader's attention and answer who, what, when, where and why.

6. Proofread your press release for grammar and spelling mistakes... then do it again.

7. Write your news story several days in advance, so you can read it after you've had some sleep.

8. Send your press release to media that is related to the topic of your news. Don't send one about jellybeans to a magazine that writes only about politics.

9. Write a different release for each new product, service or addition to your company; don't try to cram several stories into one release.

10. Stick to facts. Don't exaggerate or hype the story. Just tell it like it is.

A press release written in a clean, concise, factual manner will grab the editor's attention. If written properly it will tell a good story without a lot of fluff which makes the editor's job easy. These are two key factors in assuring your press release gets published.

Whether you just opened your doors or have been in business for years, take the initiative and write yourself a press release. You never know who might be looking for a story just like yours.

10 Tips For Writing A Press Release

10 Tips For Writing A Press Release

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