Is Your Relationship In Trouble?

Is Your Relationship In Trouble?

Unfortunately, it's a fact of life that at some point relationships with single women can go bad. And when they go bad they leave clues. You need to be aware of the signs she will give when she is has lost interest in you to the point that she may want to break up with you.

It's better to be able to recognize the signs in advance rather to be in total shock when she dumps you suddenly without notice.

I've come up with a "Top Eleven" list of symptoms that your relationship is in trouble:

  1. She openly talks about previous relationships and how great one of her ex-boyfriends was.
  2. You are spending less time together and she turns down dates more often.
  3. She is not as affectionate towards you and has lost interest in sex with you.
  4. She is verbally abusive towards you and treats you like a dog.
  5. She is constantly picking fights with you over silly, petty matters.
  6. She tells you that she needs to spend time alone without you. In other words, she needs her space.
  7. She's very quiet and doesn't talk to you like she did in the past.
  8. She doesn't share her feelings about things anymore.
  9. You use to talk on the phone for what seemed like hours. Now, she doesn't talk for very long and always seems in a hurry to get off the phone.
  10. She tells you that she would like to start dating other guys and doesn't want to be tied down.
  11. She rarely picks up the phone when you call anymore. She is deliberately screening her calls, so she doesn't have to talk to you.

In closing, if you recognize some of these symptoms, take steps to rescue your relationship and make it better. Of course, sometimes it's a losing cause and you just have to cut your losses and move on.

Is Your Relationship In Trouble?

Is Your Relationship In Trouble?

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