Network Marketing Tip: Self-Talk

Network Marketing Tip: Self-Talk

Self-talk in network marketing is a powerful tool, which you can use to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

What do you tell yourself every day?

Having negative thoughts can stop you from living your dream; being negative can drain a great deal of your energy. Imagine that you had an "invisible friend" who went around with you all day, every day, and was constantly whispering negative comments in your ear! How would you feel by the end of the day? What kind of friend would he be?

As human beings, we record thoughts and emotions--every emotional thought leaves a recording in our brain. Interestingly, we do not record what is happening, but rather what we think is happening. It takes a mass of thoughts to develop our self-image. Other people can influence how we feel about ourselves, but it does not become part of who we are until we accept it as our own belief.

What is your opinion of yourself?

Every statement you make to yourself has an effect on your mind, so be careful what you say. Words are powerful. If you choose, you can change your opinion of yourself. You can use self-talk and create the new image you desire.

So, what is it that you want from your network marketing business? If you cannot describe it, you cannot get it.

Start by knowing where you want to go, and begin to talk to yourself about it. In your mind, paint a picture of what you want. Use all of your senses: see, hear, feel, taste, and touch it. Does it evoke an emotional response?

Pay attention to what you think. Take note: it takes about twenty positive statements about oneself to counteract even one personal negative statement. You do not have to react to negative thoughts your mind may present to you. You can do what you have always done, or you can choose to do something different.

As you move toward your painted picture, keep your mind focused on what you want and not on what you do not want. Going through a mental cleanse will be beneficial: turn off the television and radio, and stop listening to the news for awhile. Instead, spend daily time with an inspiring book, such as the Bible, which is filled with many wonderful promises and is a wise teacher. One favorite verse of mine is "commit our ways unto the Lord, trusting in Him, and He will bring it to pass." We are not totally self-sufficient. Without God, we can do nothing.

Snapping out of negativity.

Creating a mental picture, self-talk, that evokes emotion will produce a mighty conviction, and that belief is a powerful force. When your feelings are positive and your heart is full of joy, actions will follow.

The way you manage yourself in what you choose to think will determine the level of success you experience both in life and with your network marketing business. Tapping into inspiration and determination coupled with skills will aid you in realizing your desires in life, and clearing your mind of negativity will start you on the road to achieving your dreams.

Your mind can only hold one thought at a time, so make it a quality thought.

God bless you.

Network Marketing Tip: Self-Talk

Network Marketing Tip: Self-Talk

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