Be Ready When The Moon Comes Visiting

Be Ready When The Moon Comes Visiting

Everybody knows that the sky changes every day, but there is another kind of
change that you many not know about.

The signs and planets above us are constantly dictating our destiny, but most of us
don't have a clue how to understand this.

You can gain some very startling revelations that will convince you that you really
need to pay more attention to what's going on "up there."

All you need do is keep track of the Moon's daily journey through the heavens and
you wlll soon become convinced that you have been depriving yourself of some very
valuable information.

What the Moon does for us on earth is to set the energy and mood for the day. It
stimulates our psychic energies.

Haven't you ever noticed that some days are full of fiery energy, frustrating and
angry? Other days are very social, gentle, upbeat and cooperative. Your good and
bad days may be more connected to the Moon than you realize.

For example, some people are born angry. A skilled astrologer can find the cause of
this anger by looking at the relationship of a person's inner planets in their birth
chart. Some people's inner planets are in harmony and others are not.

If you discover that you have a tendency to explosive outbursts, you obviously have
some planets in your birth chart that are not in harmony. A skilled astrologer can
explain this to you. He might say something like, "Your Pluto is in the sign of Leo
and your Moon is in he sign of Scorpio. This is a very stressful combination of
energy because. . ."

"What does that mean?" you ask.

"It means that you have a tendency to have very strong emotional outbursts."

"What can I do about it?"

"You can begin to observe those days when these energies are going to be triggered
by the Moon and you can gain a better insight into what causes this to happen."

"As the Moon travels through all the signs in its monthly cycle, it energizes and
shines light on your own internal energies. In a sense, the Moon's energies are
traveling through you. When it goes through the signs of Leo or Scorpio, your anger
pattern of Pluto versus the Moon will be trigged within you."

This dialogue reveals the value of watching the passage of the Moon each month.
the Moon travels not only physically through the heavens, but psychically through
your inner world. If you know your own birth chart and where the Moon is each day
of the month, you can make some amazing discoveries whenever it energizes the
psychological patterns within you.

These patterns are already set within you at birth. I call the analysis of these
patterns "Planetary Psychology"© I created this new wave in human awareness
because it is far more accurate than traditional psychology. This is why many
Jungians, who practice astrology, are really practicing Planetary Psychology©.
This is a more accurate term than astrology or astropsychology.

If you would like more information on how to read the planets and learn how to
watch the Moon, check out the website below. then you will be ready when the
Moon comes visiting.

© 2006 Randall Curtis

Be Ready When The Moon Comes Visiting

Be Ready When The Moon Comes Visiting

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