ADVICE Using Hand Held Dictionaries

ADVICE Using Hand Held Dictionaries

Hand held are dictionaries are very popular these days. There are many different types and many different ways that you can benefit from them. I mean, when have you ever been out and thought "I could use a dictionary" but you don't have a book with you? We can't always carry a dictionary in our back pocket? Or, can we?

With a hand held electronic dictionary, you can have a dictionary in your back pocket at all times. Whether you are in medical school and it is a medical dictionary, or if you are in a foreign country and it is a language dictionary, you can use a hand held dictionary to your benefit.

What Are Hand Held Dictionaries?

Hand held electronic dictionaries come in many different types and forms and are great because they are portable. You can have your dictionary with you at any time. Whatever type that you have, you can benefit from having it with you. Whether it is a pocket PC or cell phone technology, you can have instant information at your fingertips.

How They Can Benefit You

You might be able to benefit from a hand held dictionary in the same way that Tom did. Tom was Executive Coordinator for his business and he was often asked to make speeches and give live reports of what was happening in his business. Well, Tom had been public speaking for a long time and he felt pretty confident in front of his colleagues but writing was not his strong point.

He sometimes went through stress while writing his speeches and reports and sometimes spent hours with a dictionary, a thesaurus and a word processing program to get it all right. But once, while at a business conference in Atlanta , he was asked to fill in for someone who fell sick and give a speech in front of the entire convention. While being in front of people did not bother him, the actual speech writing was a bit of a problem.

So while stuck in his hotel room preparing at the last minute, he got a great idea partly out of desperation. He ran out to the store and purchased a hand held dictionary which helped him write his speech in less than 45 minutes. The next morning he gave a fantastic and intelligent speech and shortly after was offered a promotion. Now his hand held electronic dictionary goes everywhere with him. How can a hand held electronic dictionary help you?

ADVICE Using Hand Held Dictionaries

ADVICE Using Hand Held Dictionaries

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