80's Energy

80's Energy

I wanted to put together a playlist that had a great collection of the hi-energy dance tunes from the 80's so I came up with this mix.

I figured I'd start with one of my favorite tunes from the late 80's the freestyle/hi-energy dance tune Fascinated by Company B. I remember hearing this tune for the first time and just going absolutely nuts over it. It's an awesome tune to dance to and I still listen to it today. It definitely has the energy and sound of the 80's, the late Eighties to be exact.

Do you all know that Divine the cult drag actor from such films as Hairspray and Pink Flamingos recorded music in the early 80's? Well he did and his singing is pretty bad but good in a weird sort of way. The music was produced by Bobby O or Bobby Orlando (his real name) who also produced the Pet Shop Boys. Divine's track Alphabet Rap is a fun tune where he blurts out "Give Me a A" or "Give Me A B"!

Give you all my love is one of my favorite Stacey Q tracks. Unfortunately it was not such a big hit but it's still a great track.

I had to include Samantha Fox on this playlist with her pretty big hit Touch Me (I Want To Feel Your Body). I remember hearing about her appearances in Playboy or Penthouse magazines in the nude. This is one of the reason why she became so popular in the late 80's.

Next up is Bobby O himself with Mixed Up World. This tune reminds me of a real early 80's Pet Shop Boys track. Figures, because he produced them! Anyway it's one of my favorite solo tracks of his.

Jody Watley's Looking For A New Love was a really big hit in the mid 80's and it's still fun to listen to so I included it as part of this mix.

Next up is Shannon with one of the biggest dance tunes of the 80's and of all time, Let The Music Play. I think it was so big it even was a hit on the pop charts as well. Her other hit Give Me Tonight is also a great tune and I heard it in the film Party Monster just the other day. Let The Music Play fits perfectly in this mix.

The next track is called I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz. It was a pretty big hit in 1986. I believe that's when it came out and I have a love/hate relationship with this song so I like it but I tend to not admit to liking it but I figured I'd put it in this mix.

Holding Out For A Hero was Bonnie Tyler's second hit after Total Eclipse Of The Heart a song that I am so sick of I can't not even think about it and not get sick! I wanted to include her in here so Holding Out For A Hero was the best choice.

Next up is The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight an awesome song that still sounds fresh today. I remember I first heard this song on Live 105 back in the mid 80's and I thought it sounded totally like something I hadn't heard before. It still sounds fresh today and it recently had made it onto an International Deejay Gigolos compilation of electr dance hits. I figured it was on that comp I'd use it here so it fits perfectly in this mix.

I had to have a track from New Order in this playlist and I chose Confusion one of their first dance hits compared to what they were before, Joy Divisiion, the dark and gothic/atmospheric sounding band. This tune has the break dancing vibe and sound to it and I still remember the video included scenes with break dancers on the streets and in nightclubs.

I wanted to include Deep In Vogue in this mix by Malcolm McLaren but I thought Buffalo Gals (Original Mix) by Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team was a better choice. I just love this tune and it totally reminds me of the early 80's around 82/83. It's got that sound perfectly.

Another classic from 80's is Boom Boom Boom by Paul Lekakis. Thisa was a pretty big dance hit in the late 80's and I haven't heard of anything else by Paul Lekakis so I figured I'd include Boom Boom Boom in this mix.

The final 2 songs were pretty big hits in the 80's and I just love them. They have the total 80's poppy dance sound that I can't get enough of. We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart and Catch Me (I'm Falling) by Pretty Poison are the best way to wrap this playlist. Enjoy!

80's Energy

Facinated by Company B

Alphabet Rap by Divine

Give You All My Love by Stacey Q

Touch Me (I Want Your Body) [Blue Mix] by Samantha Fox

Mixed Up World by Bobby O

Looking For A New Love (Extended Version) by Jodie Watley

Let The Music Play by Shannon

I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz

Holding Out For A Hero (Club Mix) by Bonnie Tyler

The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight by Dominatrix

Confusion by New Order

Buffalo Gals (Original Mix) by Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team

Boom Boom Boom by Paul Lekakis

We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart

Catch Me (I'm Falling) by Pretty Poison

80's Energy

80's Energy

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