Christians Wake Up And Change The World

Christians Wake Up And Change The World

Jesus told his disciples they were to be the salt of the earth, to preserve and keep it in the correct order. He goes on to say that if the salt has lost its savor it can not do what it is supposed to do.

Christians need to wake up and begin to be that salt. Why do we see such junk on television and in the movies? Why do we hear words that are rude, immoral, blasphemous, and not fit for use in music, television and movies? Why are there so much poverty, homelessness and suffering in world? Why can't we pray in schools? Why are we killing thousands of innocent babies each year? Why is so much money being spent on lottery tickets? It is because Christians and the Church have lost their direction and God's mandate.

We claim to be a Christian nation. If you ask most Americans if they are Christian they will say yes. If that is true then our society should have a whole different complexion. The truth is if they are Christian they are not living their life according to God's word. If we were the Hollywood crowd would either change the movies or go broke. Lotteries would not exist. People would be fed and housed.

When you look at the early church they took care of the needs of each other. They sent out missionaries to tell others about Jesus. They were the salt and light of the earth. They lived and taught the word of God. They changed this world forever by following Jesus' commands.

What happened? Christians have fallen asleep and need a wake up call. We are warned to redeem the time. Jesus could return at any time. He certainly will not find many Christians about his business when he does.

How would the world you live in be like if every Christian was just like you? Do you live your life by Spiritual guidelines or by the world standards? Have you compromised with the world without even realizing it?

Stop and take a look at your life. How important is it to you to know and live the life God wants you to? Where are you in your growth to be like Jesus? Do you give any time to the study of God's word?

Let us wake up and begin to be the salt we are supposed to be. Let us make a change in the world. Let us hear Jesus say "well done good and faithful servant" when he returns.

Are you doing all you can do? Use what God has blessed you with to grow spiritually and financially to meet the needs of others.
Preparing for the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Christians Wake Up And Change The World

Christians Wake Up And Change The World

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