Create Your Own

Create Your Own "First Visit" Pop-Window

It's a proven fact that the use of popup windows is a highly effective marketing technique that produces great results. However, they can be very irritating to your visitors. How can you use this powerful marketing technique without offending your visitors? Compromise and use a popup window that only displays the first time your visitor enters your site.

Your first step in creating your popup window will be to create an HTML document that will contain your window contents. The key to using this technique effectively is to give your
visitors a reason to respond to your offer. For example, if you're using your popup window to gain new subscribers to your publication, offer a free gift just for subscribing. This will increase your response considerably.

Below, is an example popup window that you can use to gain new subscribers. It is set up with "tables" and will adjust to fit your new window. Copy and paste the following code into
your HTML and edit as needed:

Claim Your FREE Gift

Claim Your FREE Gift!

Subscribe to YOUR PUBLICATION for a wealth of information
ALL new subscribers will receive YOUR FREE GIFT.

Close Window

Save your new document as "popup.htm" and upload it to your server where you store your HTML documents.

Your next step will be to place the following script, courtesy of Brian Terry , within your HTML after your tag.

If you saved your new window document as anything other than "popup.htm," you'll need to change the "popup.htm" text within the script to your new file name. You can also change the width and height settings to whatever you'd like. However, make sure that all of the information within your window is visible.

Popup windows provide Internet marketers with a great way to gain new subscribers, introduce new products and announce special offers. Their response rate is outstanding.

With the use of this great script, you can use the power of popup windows without continuously nagging your visitors.

Create Your Own

Create Your Own "First Visit" Pop-Window

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