The Physical Effects Of Hoodia

The Physical Effects Of Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii is a fascinating botanical as somehow it manages to minimize the appetite and vanquish all food cravings while at the same time providing stamina and a sense of well-being.

It does not work like other diet supplements (such as caffeine, Dexedrine and ephedra) that speed up your bodily functions and can give you a buzzy anxious feeling.
Also there is no "crash" at the end of the day or mood swings. You simply do not feel the urge to eat or make up for what you haven't eaten to make yourself feel better after a day of deprivation.

It seems that a substance that is so effective should have some kind of negative side effect. There is one. It minimizes your appetite so effectively that you may lose too much weight a week.

Some people have lost as much as ten pounds a week on Hoodia but anyone who has "been around the block" when it comes to diets knows that this will only cause rebound weight gain once you stop taking it.

It is very important to monitor your weight loss when you are on Hoodia and keep your loss to a minimum of two to three pounds a week. Just two pounds a week is what doctors recommend for healthy, PERMANENT weight loss.

Chemically Hoodia works in the body by mimicking the effects of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose fuels cells so they can create energy.

Hoodia contains a molecule that is exactly 10,000 times more active in the bloodstream when compared to glucose. This molecule triggers nerve cells within the brain to recognize the hoodia as an excess of glucose.

When these nerve cells detect hoodia within the body, it commands the body to stop eating. This is why when you take Hoodia, you lose your appetite and especially your cravings for anything with glucose (sugar) in it. If you have an addiction to soft drinks, Hoodia may be your answer as it can even cause an aversion to sugary drinks.

When on Hoodia many people don't even feel like drinking water. However make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day so that your body is well hydrated and easily flushes any toxins out of your body.

Hoodia is so effective that it is like fasting. The first thing that happens when you fast is that your body begins to detoxify so it is absolutely crucial for you to drink as much water as you can while you are on it.

Unlike other weight loss drugs that work, especially those that are now banned such as ephedra and Phen Phen. Hoodia does not have a stimulant effect at all but it does increase endurance.

You feel full even if you have taken just a tiny bit of the plant as it gives a direct message to the hypothalamus that you are full. The chemical ingredient in the plant responsible for this is called p57.

As a warning if you have had a history of disease to do with your hypothalamus glands, such as cancer, hoodia may not be the right weight loss supplement for you. Always check with your doctor first in case he or she foresees any contraindications to your health (even though officially hoodia has no known side effects except for excessive or extreme weight loss)

Still as with all things that are newer to consumers, use hoodia in moderation.

The Physical Effects Of Hoodia

The Physical Effects Of Hoodia

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