Why You Should Discourage People From Reading Your Sales Copy

Why You Should Discourage People From Reading Your Sales Copy

A common mistake you may be making in your advertising: Using vague statements in an effort to please everyone (while connecting with no one).

When dealing with new clients, I often receive this comment back, "Oh, if we say that, it will turn off so and so."

Many people, when marketing their business, feel it's crucial they don't discourage "Mr. So-And-So" from buying from them. This is strange, because usually Mr. So-And-So is far from their ideal customer. Or he might make a fine customer, but he's not so near to buying as Mr. Prospect.

I recently wrote an advertorial directed at unemployed people. I found out that 80% of the people this agency attracts are immigrants. So in the headline we stated...

Cambridge Immigrants Finally Find Jobs They Love

What about the other 20% who were born in Canada? We could try to pull back the focus. Include everyone. Something like...

Cambridge Residents Finally Find Jobs They Love

I doubt a struggling East Indian or Italian immigrant will not feel as pulled to that revision.

In fact, the entire advertorial we put together focused on the typical situation that occurs for 80% of the immigrants to Canada... They have high credentials. They come here. Their credentials aren't accepted. They end up working as a telemarketer or at some other low-paying, high-stress job.

The interviews I conducted with the agency's current clients confirmed this with riveting details. I used one of their clients' stories as the lead-in for the advertorial.

Compare that to the ad they ran the year before, which simply stated, "What are employers looking for?"

By concentrating on a particular sector of your target market, you'll be able to speak in their language and show empathy for their specific situation.


By choosing the most "hungry" part of your market,
you will have an easier time making a sale.

In a website I'm putting together for a custom framer I do this. Her most ready-to-buy customers are women 40-60 who have personal keepsakes they need framed. The entire site speaks to them in that voice, using stories and benefits that resonate with their main issues.

So how to go about putting this into your copy?

First, determine who are the most ready-to-buy, while representing a large percentage of your target audience.

Then conduct interviews with them. Find out what their situation is. How your services/product can help. How you can connect with them better.

Next take the invaluable information you gain from those interviews with the target market and translate it into a overt offering which you send back to the target market.

You see, your customers are your leading sales experts. Get to know them well.

Why You Should Discourage People From Reading Your Sales Copy

Why You Should Discourage People From Reading Your Sales Copy

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