Which Website Is The Best For Link Exchange?

Which Website Is The Best For Link Exchange?

Criteria of Exchanging Link

What criteria and tips we should use while exchanging links with other websites?

#1- Quality of Inbound Links:
Notice that the quality of incoming links is important. Sometimes 10 well trusted links have more value than 100 less impressive links.

#2- Relevant Websites:
Exchange links with relevant websites. Google and other Search Engine Robots give a lot of weight to relevancy.

#3- Fewer Outbound Links:
Pay attention to the number of links on the webpage. Exchange links with pages that have fewer than 25 outbound links, because page rank of the page will be divided among outbound links. For example link from a webpage with only 5 outbound links is more valuable than a link from the same webpage with 10 outbound links.

#4- Link at the main page:
Make sure that the website you want to exchange link has been a link at the main page to link page directory. It causes a higher page rank and traffic for link page directory.

#5- Categorized Link Directory:
It is better that they categorize their directory, some websites don't categorize their links and getting traffic from these sites is a few.

#6- Content Pages:
A link on the bottom of a good content page is always better value than a link on a directory page as more people are likely to click on it.

#7- Indexed with Google:
Do exchanging link with websites that be indexed with Google. You can check that by typing their domain name ( into Google search box. It is not important that what website links to you, but if you link to a website that is banned by search engines, they may remove you from their index too.

#8- Vary Link Text:
Use your primary keywords in anchor text, and also use varies keywords. This will make it appear as natural linking to search engines.

The quality of inbound links is important. So try to exchange link whit relevant websites and use your keywords in anchor text. Don't forget a good link exchange brings traffic to your website.

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Which Website Is The Best For Link Exchange?

Which Website Is The Best For Link Exchange?

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